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Black Kids’ Brains Damaged By Cops Being Called On Them

The problem of police being called on Black children is growing, as more incidents come to light. What is also increasing is the number of..

Dr. Sheva Quinn: Your Kids Are Being Left Behind If They Are Not CODING

Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses interviews Dr. Sheva Quinn about why children who are not learning coding are being left behind. Book..

Fidel Castro-A Black Man’s Guide to Understanding His Death

By Khary Pestaina I recently shared this information on my Facebook wall and was asked to share it with a broader audience. 1. 900,000..

The Time Venus & Serena Williams’ Dad Scolded ABC Reporter

Homeschooling Black kids is not just about educating a child or children within the confines of their home. It is also about teaching Black..

White Teacher Viciously Attacks Black Kid, Mocks Her Afterwards

By Victor Ochieng A 63-year-old white teacher found herself on the wrong side of the law after a video emerged of her slapping a Black..

Finland Has The Best Schools – Here’s Why

The Harvard education professor Howard Gardner once advised Americans, “Learn from Finland, which has the most effective schools and..

A Dozen Detroit School Principals Charged With Fraud and Bribery

DETROIT — A dozen current and former principals in the Detroit Public Schools system are facing federal bribery and fraud charges,..

Meet David Hill: At 13 He Got an “A” in College Maths, Now at 17 Is a Junior at Howard University

By Staff Blogger Even at just 13 years of age, David Hill II, had shown promises of genius when he became the first African American (and..

Study Says Gifted Black Students More Likely To Get In Gifted Programs If They Have Black Teachers

More and more evidence is proving that, as far as Black kids go, homeschooling should be a part of every family’s plan to get their..

Black Doll Makes Little White Girl Cry But Little Black Girls Love White Dolls

This video was shared with by a reader and it absolutely shows why it is important for Black parents to be the..

Meet Delaware State’s Youngest Ever Ph.D Holder, 22 Year Old Jalaal Hayes 

By Victor Ochieng Jalaal A. Hayes made history after becoming the youngest ever to earn a Ph.D degree at Delaware State University. The..

Black Students Call Out Univ. of CA for Profiting from Imprisoning Black Youth 

By Robert Stitt Everybody knows one of the major pathways to prison is poor education. Those who have a lack of education are exponentially..