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This HBCU Cheerleading Squad Just Made History After Winning National Title

By Victor Trammell An amazing feat has been accomplished by a hard-working group of young women during 2017’s Black History Month...

This University is Offering a Course That Teaches Urban Residents How to Farm

By Victor Trammell A food desert is an urban locality in which there are complications when it comes to finding healthy nutrition sources..

Could This Solve The Many Problems in American Public Schools?

By Victor Trammell Many words have been written and will be written in the coming years about the future of America’s public..

Ernst & Young Says There’s ‘No Evidence’ College Degrees Lead To Success

By Victor Trammell Higher education in America was once heralded as a necessity in the path toward establishing a rewarding career. Many..

Child Abuse Helpline Is Funneling Black Kids Into Foster Care

By Victor Trammell The Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles County, California was recently profiled by Southern..

The Dangers of Sending Your Kids to School on the Bus

By Victor Trammell In an incident that is every parent’s worst nightmare, an occupied school bus caught fire Thursday (February 16th)..

Federal Investigation Closed After Incidents of Alleged Racism at CA High School

By Victor Trammell Federal investigators have concluded a probe, which targeted a California Bay Area high school where a slew of racist..

The Dept. Of Education Insulted A Black Historical Figure By Spelling His Name Wrong

By Victor Trammell The current Trump administration’s U.S. Department of Education (DOE) was getting a bad rap before it was even..

This Big Misconception About Black Kids Has Been Fatal

By Victor Trammell Black youths lose their lives disproportionately in America due to many kinds of unfortunate circumstances, such as..

Here’s How To Raise Kids Who Are Smart With Finances

By Victor Trammell Poverty is a socially and  financially disadvantaged position, which can be the result of a mindset centered on..

Has Public Education Really Benefited American Kids?

By Victor Trammell Now that the current presidential administration’s choice for national education secretary has been officially..

Why All Parents Must Watch “Black-ish” With Their Kids

By Victor Trammell Positive television images of black families with happy, intellectual, and healthy role models being showcased are very..