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His Mother Was Killed In Charleston Church Shooting, Now He’s Going To The MLB

By Victor Trammell The son of a woman who was killed in the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting has accomplished his lifelong dream..

This Homeschool Father Once Ran For State Board of Education and Won!

By Victor Trammell You have two kinds of people in the world. There are those who follow the trends of their peers and there are others..

Initiative in D.C. School Teaches Black Boys Businesses Building Skills In Trump Era

By Victor Trammell An elementary school in the nation’s capital has a special program in its curriculum, which instills..

Texas Governor Signed Bill That Bans Suspending Kids From Pre-K To 2nd Grade

By Victor Trammell On Monday (June 12th), Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill crafted by a member of the Texas House of Representatives,..

School Published Yearbooks With “N*gger” On The Covers

By Victor Trammell An outrageously bizarre case of institutionalized racism recently emerged out of a middle school in San Diego,..

NC School Teacher Compares Black Student To Slave; Only Gets 5-Day Suspension

By Victor Trammell The U.S. state of North Carolina continues to make the news for incidents of racism and bigotry. These cases are also..

Almost 90,000 Black Kids in FL Will Lose Health Care Access Under Trumpcare

By Victor Trammell In the U.S. state of Florida, there are two elected Republican U.S. House representatives who voted for the American..

Reports At Schools Across America Reveal Kids Are Bullying And Quoting Trump

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Tyler Comrie for BuzzFeed News; Getty Images A New York-based online media agency has completed a..

Black Texas Middle School Girl Called An “Ape” & “Slave” By Racist Bullies; Her Father Says The School Did Nothing

By Victor Trammell A middle school located in Georgetown, Texas is under heavy scrutiny after a 12-year-old black girl who attends the..

This Charter School Treats Traumatized Kids By Never Punishing Them

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: NOLA College Prep/Twitter An elementary charter school in New Orleans, Louisiana has a different approach..

Adorable 9-Year-Old Uses Her YouTube Channel To Run A Business

By Victor Trammell A young girl from London, England is proving to the world that it is never too early to learn how to be a savvy business..

3 Out Of 4 Black Boys In CA Can’t Pass State Reading Test

By Victor Trammell The just released standardized test results for public school systems in the U.S. state of California looked very..