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This Kidpreneur Started iCodeRobots at 8-Years-Old

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Ken Passley A young boy who is passionate about robots has taken his dream to the next level by starting..

Six-Year-Old Makes $1 Million a Month On YouTube

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: YouTube/Ryan ToysReview A young boy who is still in elementary school has the internet in a frenzy and is..

TX Schools Ban Book About Racism, Police Brutality

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Anissa Hidouk A top-ranked New York Times bestselling novel about police brutality and systemic racism..

This Site Helps Readers Find Books With Black Characters

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: A dedicated entrepreneur and author is using her website to embark on a mission to give..

This 16-Year-Old Got a Perfect ACT Score

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Bonnie Bolden/The Monroe News-Star A teenage academic phenom from Monroe, Louisiana has made national..

Study: Black Kids Are Doing the Best Academically in This State

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: A great academic trend is developing for black public school children in one of America’s..

Teacher Pulls Off Student’s Hijab To Play With Her “pretty hair”

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: WSMV News A teacher in Nashville, Tennessee has been suspended after a Snapchat video surfaced, which..

This Kids’ Book Was Inspired by Girl Bullied For Having Black Doll

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Toronto Star A black mother and daughter were recently profiled on a national Canadian news show called..

Sixth-Graders Made a Rap Video About Education and it Went Viral

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: ABC News On this past Wednesday (November 1st), a group of brilliant, black middle-school children from..

This 14 Year Old is Already a Seasoned Investor

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: YouTube screenshot A young man and his mother from the Chicago, Illinois area have proven that it is..

Is Paying Kids to Academically Succeed Actually Effective?

By Victor Trammell In a number of professionally conducted research studies, incentivization has been proven to work in adults when..

Study: School-to-Prison Pipeline is Expanding in MO; Black, Disabled Kids Suffer the Most

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Brett Levin | Flickr Creative Commons The Missouri division of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)..