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These Homeschooled Brothers Are Now Entrepreneurs And Members Of The White House Press Corps

By Victor Trammell Homeschooling is often looked at by most parents as an endeavor that “is not for everybody.” Some people..

This Black Father Is Attracting Minority Boys To Technology Using Sports

By Victor Trammell A black father who lives in Seattle, Washington is using an innovative approach to getting more black and Latino boys..

Family Biz: 13 & 11-Year-Old Sisters Have “Angels & Tomboys” Body Care Brand For Tween and Teen Girls

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: A young pair of sisters who were born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee have already..

Meet Gabrielle Goodwin: Kidpreneur and Founder of “GaBBY’s Bows”

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Ian Curico/Kiplinger Magazine One of the biggest obstacles facing urban communities all over America is..

Teen Author Writes Children’s Book That Is Inspiring Coding Skills Among Black Girls

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Sasha Alston/Kickstarter An amazing black female teen has defied the odds by not only blazing a trail and..

9-Year-Old Says Family’s “Business-Minded Women” Inspired Her To Launch Online Clothing & Accessories Store

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: Heather Rousseau/Roanoke Times A young girl from Washington D.C. with an entrepreneurial spirit is..

Black Filmmaker, Educator Teaches Black Kids STEM Using Film

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: The Indianapolis Recorder A local high school math teacher/adjunct community college professor in a major..

This HBCU Just Made The List Of Highest Producers Of Physicists In The Country

By Victor Trammell Photo credits: This year, a Louisiana-based HBCU made history over the high amount of black..

This Homeschool Father Once Ran For State Board of Education and Won!

By Victor Trammell You have two kinds of people in the world. There are those who follow the trends of their peers and there are others..

Adorable 9-Year-Old Uses Her YouTube Channel To Run A Business

By Victor Trammell A young girl from London, England is proving to the world that it is never too early to learn how to be a savvy business..

Kindergarten Boy From St. Louis Goes Viral With His “Stop the Violence” Video

By Victor Trammell An old saying, which has its roots in biblical references states “Out of the mouths of babes comes the..

Black Kid From Baltimore Is National Chess Champion

By Carolyn Tisdale Last week, a middle school student in Baltimore, Maryland became the new champion after competing in the U.S. Chess..