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Success During School

Study: Less School, More Play Benefits Mental Health of Kids in Kindergarten and Early Education 

By Bo Thornton American kids normally start Kindergarten at the age of five, with Pre-K programs turning kids into students at even..

African American Studies To Be Requirement For Graduation in California Schools

By Andre Jones The California State Assembly recently passed a bill that would create a working Ethnic Studies curriculum that California..

All Black Parents Need To Do These Things When the School Year Starts

By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses For many parents across the country, putting their children into public schools is not something they think of..

NYC Teacher Admits Passing Students Even When They Fail, Don’t Come To Class

By Nigel Boys. Andrea McHale, a teacher at William Cullen Bryant High School, passed senior Melissa Mijia. Why is that bad? Well, Mijia..

What Black Parents Can Do To End The Pre-school to Prison Pipeline

By Shanieka Stanton You may not readily recognize the names Kwazi Enin, Harold Ekeh, or Munira Khalif, as easily as you would Drake, Meek..

Police Brutality Increasing In Schools, Even Elementary Schools

By Evette D. Champion When you send your children to school, you assume that they are in one of the safest places they could be, right?..

Is Preparing for College In Middle School Too Much Pressure for Kids?

Reported by Liku Zelleke It is true that companies look to hire employees that are increasingly technologically adept and are crafty in..

Do Schools Segregate Black Kids By Putting Them in Special Ed. Classes?

For years, Black parents have been suspicious of schools and staff who try to place their children in special education programs, with much..

“I Just Don’t Like Black Kids”, Says Middle School Principal

Most racists won’t admit they’re racists even when they’re caught in the act. For instance, BreakingBrown published on Thursday the..

Watch: Outraged mother confronts her child’s teacher

We don’t know why this mother is upset, but she seems outraged.  While it is certainly interesting to see this video (below), we..

You won’t believe how the public school system is ruining black boys

Many critics in the US and around the world have expressed concern about the state of black boys in the public school system. Some even say..

Dr Umar Johnson says some shocking things about ADHD medication

Dr Umar Johnson is controversial, but he is also loved.  People listen to him around the world, mainly because he speaks so eloquently..