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Success During School

Analysts: Preschool to Prison Pipeline Worse For Black Girls than Boys

Recent statistics depict that Black girls are treated more harshly in American schools across the country in comparison to Black boys...

10 Mistakes That Create Home-school Problems

By Staff Blogger Home-schooling is something that some families are very excited about while others are terrified. The common bond is that..

Chicago school is so horrible that they only offer PE classes online

April V. Taylor According to a recent report by The Huffington Post, the U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into..

“Elementary Genocide”: The film that is taking the black community by storm

by Dr Boyce Watkins Rahiem Shabazz is the first to admit that he’s had some nasty run-ins with the law.  He is also first to line up..

Dr Umar Johnson: How to break your kids away from the public school system

Are you sick and tired of the public school system?  Well, join the crowd, because there are millions of other parents out there just like..

How does religion affect your child’s ability to learn?

April V. Taylor The Huffington Post is reporting on a new study published by Cognitive Science that concluded that young children who have..

Underprivileged student gets into five Ivy League Schools, and his friend does too

By Nigel Boys Even if you are born into an impoverished family and don’t have a father around while you are growing up, it doesn’t mean..

How the educational system is failing our students

We turn now to a big story in education. Think of all the American presidents in your lifetime who said their goal is a quality education..

The Valedictorian speech that will change your life forever

Good evening, class of 2010. Before I commence my speech, I would first like to thank my family, especially my aunt and uncle, who came..

Check out these amazing students doing great things

To build better and stronger youth, we should study those who are able to build strong kids successfully.  Here is a segment about kids in..

He went to MIT at the age of 14, and now he’s changing the world

by Dr Boyce Watkins David Van Valen has a life that is built for legend.  The young scientist and his family set trends years ago when he..

The Supermarket as a Home-school Lesson Plan

By: Krystle Crossman Home-schoolers know that just because you home-school your child does not mean that you necessarily need to be at home..