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Home-schooling Laws and Regulations

homeschool-lawBy Staff Blogger
Every parent has the right to home-school their child. The key is understanding what the rules are in the state in which you live. There are some states which require as little as just a notification that a parent is homeschooling and then there are those that are more regulated and require parents to get their curriculum and home-school programs approved before the beginning of the school year.

In order to avoid any problems, before you start your child or children’s home-school program, it is a good idea to call your district’s superintendent’s office and inquire about home-schooling. It is a good idea to make inquiries at least  six months ahead of the beginning of the school year so that you can have plenty of time to get organized.

Below is some information from a home-school advocacy group:

What State’s Laws Should I Follow?

The law you should follow is that of the state in which you are physically present.

Why? When you are physically present in a state, even temporarily, you are subject to that state’s laws, and, in many cases, to the jurisdiction of its courts. This is true even if your legal residency is in another state and you are only living elsewhere temporarily (such as when active members of the military are completing a temporary assignment). Consequently, you could be required to comply with the home education law of the state in which you are temporarily located.

If you plan to live in another state for a period longer than a month during the time that public schools are in session, HSLDA generally recommends that you comply with the requirements for home education in that state. This general recommendation applies even if you and/or your spouse pays taxes, own property, and/or have employment in another state.

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