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Your Kid Hates Reading; Here’s What To Do


By: Krystle Crossman

Reading is important and a necessary part of life. There are some kids who absolutely hate reading and it seems like no matter what you do there is always something else they would rather be doing. Instead of getting frustrated with them, try these techniques to pique their interest and get them on the track to loving reading.

First, figure out what they are interested in. They are going to be more willing to read something if it’s a topic of interest. Start out slowly and work your way up to a book. For example, if you child likes dinosaurs, watch a movie with them that is about dinosaurs such as The Land Before Time. Then talk to them about the movie after or have them read the summary on the back of the DVD case. From there you can read something a little larger about dinosaurs like an interesting article about fossils or a comic book that has dinos in it. Keep taking smaller steps towards a book instead of rushing right into a book like Jurassic Park!

Sharing reading is fun and is a good way for your child and you to interact. When reading a bedtime story, switch off reading parts. You read the first page and then have them read the second. You will read the third, they will read the fourth, and so on. Children like to do what their parents do, so if you show them that you like reading, they are more inclined to follow.

Above all else make sure that you don’t push them into reading books that they do not want to read or have no interest in. This will make them feel like reading is a chore and something that they do not want to do no matter what. If you start small and show them that reading is a lot of fun, eventually they will be reading in their spare time.

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