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Working Parents Can Home-school: Why and How Doctors and Attorneys Do It – Part 2

By: Krystle Crossman

Let’s continue with our previous article on the reasons that homeschooling is becoming more main stream and people such as doctors and lawyers are joining in: (click here for part 1)

7. The family gets to spend quality time together when the children are fed, energized, and happy instead of home from school, grumpy, and hungry. There are less fights because it is a great time of the day and they are not coming home from a stressful day at school.

8. The children are punished less and yelled at less. Learning is a lot easier when your children respect you and know that you are listening to them instead of being ready for whatever punishment they think that you are about to dole out.

9. There is far more time for creative outlets. Being creative is something that children need to do often. It is how they develop lifelong skills that they can use once they are adults. It is how they become passionate about something. It is how they learn to problem-solve. There is not much time in the day to get creative when they come home, have to do their homework, eat dinner and then go right to bed.

10. Parents who teach at home have more of an opportunity to check their kid’s work right then and there and help them to improve upon it should it need something more. In school children bring home their papers days after they have completed them when it is too late to work on anything. Having someone right there helping them along will help them to develop a good work ethic and will help them to reach their full learning potential.

11. Things around the house get done! If your kids make a mess of their rooms or leave their laundry everywhere the parents can tell them that there is no recess until everything is picked up. This will teach the kids about rewards and also teach them about proactively doing something. It also teaches them that they need to work hard if they want to get something in return.

12. Scheduling appointments and trips is much easier when there is no set schedule. You can do schoolwork whenever you feel it is appropriate. If you need to make a doctor’s appointment it will not disrupt the kid’s entire day of learning just for a short appointment. Vacations are easier as well because school can always go with them for the plane or car ride!

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