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Home-schooled Author Says Her Mother Taught Her to Write Novels at an Early Age


by Liku Zelleke

Homeschooling is a topic that entertains more than its share of controversies. Those that are against it can only see a world where a child is confined with a limited access to the outside world and an almost non-existent social contact. They also argue that there is just no way, especially when the child reaches high school levels, that a parent can know enough to cover all the subjects with the required depth.

This type of judgment has made parents cautious about letting others know where their kids go to get an education.   The kids themselves have to think twice when talking about their educational backgrounds. It makes them feel like they are different and that being homeschooled is something they should be ashamed of.

Admittedly, homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But one woman, Gracy Olmstead, shared her story about how lucky she was that she had been homeschooled.

“Honestly, I am thankful and proud of my homeschooling background. From first grade to graduation, my mom taught me the classics, art, math, science, philosophy, theology, and languages,” Olmstead says,” I took seven years of piano and 13 of violin. My mom encouraged my love of books, allowing me time every day to devour 19th century literature and write novels. I joined one local home school co-op’s volleyball team, and another’s weekly British Lit classes.”

Olmstead goes on to tell how homeschooling drew her family closer.

She studied alongside her sister and shared textbooks and competed over spelling exams. When her younger brothers reached elementary school and middle school grade levels, she helped her mother teach them too.

“If I hadn’t been homeschooled, I don’t think I would have read so many books, or written all those short stories and novels,” Olmstead writes, “I wouldn’t have looked into journalism as a potential major. I wouldn’t be sitting here, now, blessed with a writing career that I love.”

She finally adds, “Homeschooling made me who I am, and I’m very thankful for my mother’s sacrifices and hard work.”

You can read the full story here.

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One thought on “Home-schooled Author Says Her Mother Taught Her to Write Novels at an Early Age

  1. hidaya

    Glad to hear this author needed homeschooling to become a writer. I have chosen to send my child to public school…. guess what, I take her to the public library every 2 weeks for books (aside from the school library that she visits in school). I have no plans to homeschool, but my child will succeed. Homeschool is not the elixir, INVOLVED parents is… God bless!


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