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Fighting In Front Of Kids: How To Talk To Your Kids About It

By Nigel Boys

Most people assume that having a disagreement in front of their children is not a good idea. Sometimes, however, it may not necessarily be bad for kids to see that their parents can disagree and still manage to have a healthy discussion. According to Michelle Maffei, a blogger Mom and parenting expert, parents should explain the reasons that they fight with each other to their kids and reassure them that their argument is not leading to divorce.

Here are a few things parents could do when explaining these situations to their children, according to Maffei.

1. Make sure your kids understand the difference between a difference of opinion and a full blown argument.

Parents should always make it clear to their children that whatever the reason they disagree with one another, they are not heading for divorce.

Parents should also let the kids know why they sometimes have a difference of opinion and that it is good to let off steam.

2. Make sure the kids know that even if you argue, you still love each other.

Children need to feel secure in the home so parents should always make it plain to them that their mother and father are still in love with one another.

Parents should explain to their children that sometimes the pressure of work is too much that you end up arguing. Also, let them know that it’s better to get things out in the open than to bottle them up inside.

3. Make absolutely certain that the kids don’t blame themselves for your argument.

Children sometimes feel that the reason their parents fight is because of them and even if the argument involves them in some way, make sure they know that it is not for something they have done.

4. Don’t show your kids dirty fighting

Never use foul words in front of your children just to gain a point in the argument and don’t use hurtful words to each other that will end up causing more pain.

Another thing parents should do is make sure that they apologize in front of their children if they are in the wrong and try to do it in a loving way.

5. Make sure that the decisions you make for your kids are joint decisions and let them that.

According to Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Terrence Alspaugh, parents should discuss their argument when the heat of it is past and figure out if they could have handled it better. He adds that you should then apologize to your children, together, for fighting in front of them and explain the reasons for your tiff. This will show them a united front, he adds.

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