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Meet Stephen: After Being Home-schooled Until Age 11, He Entered Morehouse With a Triple Major Including Medical School

By: Krystle Crossman

It is so rare that we hear a good story on the news that when we do find one, we want to shout it from the rooftops. This is one of those stories.

Stephen R. Stafford II was home-schooled by his parents. At the very young age of 11 years old he started college courses at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother saw how much potential that he had while she was teaching him and she just could not keep up with his academic skills. Not wanting to hold him back at all she enrolled him at Morehouse. Not only is he bright but he is musically talented as well. He began playing piano at the age of two and is now a classical pianist. When he is asked how he does it and how he feels about how exceptional he is, he simply replies that he is just like every other kid, he just learns quickly.

Unfortunately for Stephen a law in the state of Georgia is going to slow down his progress just a bit. Students are not allowed to officially graduate from high school until they are 16. He is going to complete that coursework as well as the college classes he is currently in so that he can get a jump on everything else once he is officially graduated. He will be receiving his triple major degrees (pre-med, mathematics, and computer science) at the age of 17 and then will be headed off to the Morehouse School of Medicine. They are estimating that he is going to be graduating from the medical program at the age of 22.

Stephen is a true inspiration to all of those around and shows that with effort and hard work you can do anything that you wish. He is also great proof that home-schooling children can produce amazing results.

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16 thoughts on “Meet Stephen: After Being Home-schooled Until Age 11, He Entered Morehouse With a Triple Major Including Medical School

  1. Harold

    When we spend a lot of time with those who are less capable, we become less capable. Put us in a growing environment and we grow–and Grow–and GROW! That passing lane is there for a reason–use it.

  2. MrsVeronicaNickey

    The parents need to make a curriculum of what they taught for other parents to follow excellent. I hope they have a daughter they can duplicate that system with as well it is to be applauded with or without opening up a school online cause love is the answer.

    • Dr. Roosevelt "Clutch" Northern, Jr., Ed.D.

      Actually, the curriculum is on Your local school district or Department of Education (Tallahassee) website. The pedagogical differences or the teaching and learning is facilitated with portfolios. As a child masters one area of the curriculum and an assessment is presented they can move on at their respective self paces. I still recommend that commUNITY groups form 501(c)3 non-profits through churches and other entities to apply for and receive the state alloted $7K per child-more if the child has an IEP-Individual Education Plan. Go figure! ^-^

  3. strokebylighting

    Inspirational to the MAX!!! I hope that his parents keep a very close eye on him during his academic ventures at such a early age. Academia is not a promise land there is the Good, The Bad, And Ugly in it’s ranks as well!!! He still needs to be parented and nurtured!!!

  4. MoniMuha

    Imagine that…the so-called knowledgeable ones have laws in place to slow him down because they obviously cannot keep up with the progressiveness of a student in their system!!

  5. Dr. Roosevelt "Clutch" Northern, Jr., Ed.D.

    Educating outside of the brick and mortar settings is best when You see whom are the educators of Your seed. Since girls are said to be more intelligent and at an earlier age than boys; might we suggest that someone experiment with a community group of parents cohorting to educate a smaller grouping of neighborhood learners? The school systems have to have “FTE” or full-time-equivalent meat in the seats to receive their appropriations every October and February of the respective school years. If the count goes down then the money is not as much. So schools will seldom partner with home efforts to educate community kids. Charter schools and parochial schools are an option as well. Hey! What about commUNITY groups forming non-profits and educate as they deem fit? There is strength in numbers. Just sayin’ Education is our reparation.

  6. Lukas

    Even though my son wasn’t home schooled, he attend the MLK Magnet High School is Nashville, Tenn. He entered Morehouse and soon got on a fast track pre-medicine program via Boston University. He graduated from Morehouse College and immediately began medical school. He was always a hard worker and nothing was given to him. He also joined the Army, went through basic training and spent 13 months in Iraq as a physician. The Army paid for medical school and he was required to give them 8 years of service. He achieved the rank of Major before he was honorably discharged. He began working as a licensed anesthesiologist at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He is now in private practice in New Orleans. He had the determination and perseverance to overcome numerous obstacles. Whether you were home schooled, attended a private school or a public school…if you have the desire and determination there aren’t any limits. It was as if he was destined to become a medical doctor as my Mother told us many years ago (before she died) that my son would become a medical doctor. Aim high, work hard, sacrifice and prove to yourself (not to others) that you will endeavor to persevere until you achieve the highest heights. The only thing that can hold you back is YOURSELF!!! “Sweet are the adversities of life.” – Don King

  7. shawn

    This kid is a naturally, gifted genius. What works for him may not necessarily work for other kids, he learns at an incredible pace. The parents extremely wise to home school him.

  8. sharon anthony

    This article has been here before. But, since this young man and his parents are doing such a wonderful job all around with him, I will say congratulations. Keep it up you will go far and inspire alot of people. Now, there was an article about a school teacher in Georgia and “pictures” she supposedly had on her phone, There are soooo many more comments about that! Why do we love a scandal so much, but only a few enjoy people’s successes?


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