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Meet Tony: At 14 He Invented Surgical Technique and Will Soon Be a Neurosurgeon

By Nigel Boys

An African-American freshman at the Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School of Medical Arts, in Jacksonville, Florida, has a bright future ahead of him. At 14-year-old he has already come up with a surgical technique that may help surgeons reduce the risk of complications when performing surgical operations.

The young medical genius, Tony Hansberry II, reviewed various techniques of several surgeries, including hysterectomies and the instruments to perform these operations. He came up with a novel idea to be used when stitching back up the patients. The idea will help surgeons, especially those with fewer surgeries under their belt.

Hansberry came up with this idea back in 2009, when he was still a student at the Florida school, writes Jackie Jones for

The young medical genius, who was encouraged to take up advanced classes in medicine at the Darnell-Cookman school, said that he came up with the idea because he wanted to help the patients and the surgeons. He added that his ambition was to become a well respected and competent neurosurgeon.

According to Jones, the 14-year-old medical student came up with the novel idea to help surgeons and patients alike when he was studying at Shands Hospital, Jacksonville, while enrolled at the University of Florida’s Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research.

Jones says that Hansberry’s new technique will allow surgeons to complete their operations by stitching the patients back up after having a hysterectomy in one third of the time that it would normally take them. She adds that he perfected his technique by practicing on a medical dummy.

According to Angela Tenbroeck, lead medical teacher at the University of Florida, Hansberry is far advanced compared to his classmates, when it comes to surgical techniques. She adds that she would put him on par with a first-year medical student at any university and was proud to have him as a member of her school.

Reportedly, the teen was also selected to present the Boy Scouts of America Report to the Nation, in Washington D.C. at the White House and President Obama. The report contained information on young boy scouts who had been outstanding in the fields of national service, conservation, healthy living and involvement within their communities and Hansberry’s name was put forward many times by his leaders.

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25 thoughts on “Meet Tony: At 14 He Invented Surgical Technique and Will Soon Be a Neurosurgeon

  1. William Leonard

    I hope they don’t take his method away form him like that did with the other people of color that invented things.

  2. Tawanza

    This young man has a bright future ahead of him the stars are the limit keep up the good work & stayed prayed up that these crooked people dont try to take this young man idea & use as their own may god continue to bless u son keep shooting for the stars

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  5. La Glenda Reed, Founder Self Esteem Inc.

    This is an outstanding story that should be shared with the World not just the
    the Black community! I would love for Mr. Hansberry II, to come and speak to the children at my school and the children that participate in my self esteem program. I am sure his parents are very, very proud and they should be….for they have created the next best role model…in the areas of education.

    La Glenda Reed, Founder Self Esteem Inc.

  6. Bert C

    I agree with Mr. Leonard, PROTECT YOUR INVENTIONS. Whites will try to improve on them, and then say there are similarities, but it’s different. Our history is filled with black inventions, but no present day credit for them or monetary reward given to their estates.

    • Bernard

      List the inventions please. And while you’re at it, list the inventions whites developed and were similarly stolen. A wolf is a wolf regardless of color. The Chinese steal more american ingenuity than any other country on the planet. Japanese are well known as ‘fast followers’…that’s business. Get used to it. Please stop limiting the anger to whites.

      This boy will not have a great future because of this particular invention. He will have a great future because of his capacity to learn and come up with others. I’ve had a number of ideas stolen and did not care because I always knew there was another one around the corner.

      This boy did not limit his thinking and serves as a wonderful example for the rest of us.

      As for the online Quran post, what does that have to do with anything?

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  8. jean

    Great for young Hansberry II! Yes be smart protect your invention!! It is probably will be worth millions!! Talk to Oprah Tyler Perry to see how you can protect your investment!! I am very proud of you! I hope in my life time I can meet you!! I hope you know that you are famous! Let your name HANSBERRY be recognized for that surgival instrument!! I will pray for you to help other black kids in Jacksonville to stride for excellent!!

  9. mark

    Amazing story love to hear of young brothers doing something positive because 9 out of 10 stories written about us are negative this young man has a bright future ahead of him!!!

  10. Nita

    It is so important that this story and every story like this be told and retold everywhere! Everybody needs to hear and understand the many facets of Black Life. We are so much more than high achievers in the world of sports! We can and do excel in all arenas of life when given an equal oppurtunity to do so. Yes please contact the Opray Winfrey’s and Tyler Perry’s of the world, who can put these stories into the mainstream media and found organizations to mentor and promote this kind of achievement.

  11. Jacqueline

    I just love reading articles about young African American males that are going somewhere in life. I wish him well.

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  13. Larry

    Congrats to Mr. (I should say Dr.) Hansberry II

    You have a BRILLIANT MIND and a successful future ahead of you. A true ROLE MODEL.

    To the mainstream media, let’s publicize this story instead and many more of our youth who are making a POSITIVE impact.

  14. Chris

    Well, we can only hope that this young man won’t be unfortunate enough to wear a hooded sweatshirt on a rainy night…

    I can see it already, Sean Hannity ‘exposes’ the ‘thuggish’ behavior of this young man, he wasn’t practicing his stitching technique on medical dummies, he was fantasizing about torturing white people. OR possibly stitching gang signs on the wounds, or maybe he was performing hysterectomies so he could write graffiti inside the womb. Anyway here come Pat Buchanon and Larry Elder to talk about how black people need to stop trying to become surgeons (you already have Ben Carson!) and focus more on finishing high school. I know that didn’t make sense, that’s the point – it doesn’t have to make sense as long as you bow to the racist hierarchy.

  15. DB

    Articles like this really do warm my heart! the best of luck to this young man in all of his endeavours. Where all very proud of you for your focus, direction, good heart, wanteness to make a change, drive and hardworking. Looking forward to seeing all that comes this young mans way.

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