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Surprising Statistics About Parenting In The World We Live In

By Nigel Boys

According to Phillip McGraw, better known as the host of television show “Dr. Phil,” parents need to stop dreaming of a perfect world for their children and start to teach them to be ready for all that this life will throw at them.

In his book “Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World,” the author and psychologist states that for today’s children, the world is a very different place than the one that their parents grew up in and they should be prepared for what lies ahead of them.

The 63-year-old television show host goes on to write that divorce was virtually unheard of when he was growing up and most families had a mother who stayed at home to look after the children and a father who went out to work to provide for them.

The Vinita, Oklahoma native continues that many children are now being raised by one parent, or even parents of the same gender, and today around 4 out of 10 marriages end in divorce.

The “Dr. Phil” host states that children, who are raised by one parent are more likely to suffer abuse, according to recent research. He adds that the likelihood of a child suffering abuse if they live with their mom alone is 14 times more than if they lived with both parents, and 20 times more if they only have a father present.

Surprisingly, statistics show that a child who is living with unmarried parents is 20 times more likely to suffer abuse, when compared to children living with married parents, even if the cohabiting couple are their biological parents.

The most serious danger of a child being abused while they are growing up, about 33 times more likely than if they live with their natural parents, is if they live with their biological mother but not their biological father, according to the non-profit organization, Dreamcatchers for Abused Children.

The author of “Love Smart: Find the One You Want – – Fix the One You Got,” also says that, according to the National Incidence Study, children who are living with a single parent, are most at risk from being physically abused. He adds that these children have a 77% more chance of suffering physically, when compared to those who are living with their natural parents in a home with the old traditional family values.

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