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Outraged Parent Complains About Offensive Homework; Principal Apologizes

By Nigel Boys

When Larry Basaj, the father of Audri Basaj, who is a freshman at Romeo High School, Michigan, took one look at his daughter’s biology homework assignment, he flipped out. He then decided to contact the principal of the school to complain about a question that the students were supposed to answer, because he thought it was unsuitable for a child of her age.

The question was about a hypothetical woman, who didn’t know who the father of her child was. By means of deduction, the students were supposed to give an answer as to the possible father of the baby, by studying a chart with blood types of both the baby and possible fathers.

However, what might have upset Audri’s father was that when he read the list of possible fathers that the students could choose from, it appeared to suggest that the hypothetical mother might have been what could be regarded as a “lose woman”. The choices of father included: Bartender, Cabdriver, Cable guy, Flight attendant, Guy at the Club, and Mailman.

The outraged father returned the uncompleted homework assignment and added a note to it stating that he taught his child better than to sleep around with different men.

Superintendent of Romeo Schools, Nancy Campbell said that the assignment was given to the students to help them to learn the importance of blood types and DNA testing. She added, however, that it could have been worded more appropriately.

Campbell went on to say that the well meaning, but apologetic teacher had not realized that the question might upset some parents, because they had obtained it from a teaching website on the internet.

The schools superintendent said that she was glad that Mr. Basaj had brought this question to her attention and the school would be more careful in future about the wording of assignments. She added that homework assignments should never be controversial or offensive for either the student or their parents.

The teacher who gave the assignment has since apologized to the parents, the school principal and the superintendent.

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