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Five Year Olds Caught “Having $ex” In Class Bathroom

By: Krystle Crossman

When you send your children to school you are trusting the teacher and other staff members to keep an eye on your children and keep them safe. A school in New Jersey located in Mullin Township is now being asked “where was the teacher?” after two kindergarten children were found in a bathroom “having s*x”.

Teacher Kelly Mascio opened the door to a bathroom in the classroom and found a boy and a girl in the closet, naked. She asked what they were doing and they told her that they were having s*x. Hopefully they just thought that “having s*x” meant just taking off your clothes. The teacher reported the incident right away. It still begs the question, where was the teacher or a staff member when these two students went into a bathroom and had enough time to get in there and get undressed?

Mascio has been a teacher for 15 years but she is currently suspended with pay and may even lose her job over the incident. The Board of Education has decided to file charges against the teacher and the police were brought in to investigate as well. They claim that she is supposed to be responsible for the children and this incident may lead parents and members of the school to not be able to trust this teacher again.

Even though this may stem from a lack of supervision on the teacher’s part, is it her fault? Or has she been forced into a classroom with too many children and not help in the classroom? School classroom sizes are getting bigger and bigger and it is both the students and the teachers that suffer. Was she in a situation where she couldn’t handle watching so many children at one time? If so, did she ask for any help? Either way a teacher is supposed to be there at all times to know what is going on in the classroom and to know that the children are not harming themselves or others.

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28 thoughts on “Five Year Olds Caught “Having $ex” In Class Bathroom

  1. Carolyn M.

    She probaby has way too many children and the Board does not have money in the school budget for an aide. Probably none of the parents want to volunteer time in the classroom. What are these children observing at home and on television? Were these children from the same household?

  2. Valarie Stewart

    We don’t know if the children were in an overcrowded classroom or not. The fact that the teacher checked the bathroom shows that she was observant. If the teacher felt that she was negligent, then she would not have reported the incident. She would have simply dressed the kids, reprimanded them, and said nothing.

  3. Valarie Stewart

    We ought also to look at our society. Young children are bombarded with and influenced by adult situations and images on television, and in music, every day. You cannot blame the teacher for the images that influenced the children to behave in this manner.

    Every parent has had, on occasion, the experience of looking the other way for just a few short moments and wonder where their child wandered to,.even when they have just one or two children. Imagine having a classroom of 20 or more busy little children. The article says that the bathroom was in the classroom so the children didn’t leave the classroom, itself. She has been in the classroom for 15 years. Bringing in the police and firing her sounds like a witch-hunt to me. This could cause other teachers not to report incidents, such as the one described in this article, for fear of losing their own jobs.

    • Sistagirl from the Boogie Down Bronx

      It has been reported that this teacher is being disciplined. How disturbing? Investigations need to occur but not with the teacher!

      In total agreement with Valarie Stewart’s comments. Leave this teacher alone!

    • tony a. douglas

      Very well stated Ms Stewart! I love people who pay attention and remember the facts. As you stated they were confined to the classroom itself, she did realize they were missing and checked for them finding them in the bathroom. My biggest concern is; what are these children seeing and or watching that would give them the desire to even attempt to get naked? Let alone attempt to have sex. They need to commend the teacher for her actions, and the police needs to be kicking on the doors of these two children! Not knocking; kicking, and have these households investigated!!! Too many parents refuse to see the harm (damage) being done to their children via music, music videos, movies and television shows! For example, South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, Boone Docks, just to name a few. Are shows in cartoon form which comes on 5 -10 pm, which is the new prime time hours. Not to mention the so-called family show with all the sexual overtones and vulgarities. It’s not cute it’s shameful!!! Where is the RESPECT!??!

    • jerjorju

      That’s what I was thinking. I think the investigation should start at their homes. On a side note, it is interesting that those kids thought they would not be missed. They must have known no one would be paying attention to them.

    • Regina

      You’ll be surprised as to what 5 y.o. know these days. I remember when I was 7 y.o. in the 60s being approached by a brother and sister team asking me to have sex with them and they were a year younger than me and they were BLACK.

  4. S

    This definitely sounds like a witch hunt and someone please help me understand why the board of education filed charges against the teacher. I can understand the need to place blame but in a situation such as this placing blame definitely is not going to solve the issue. I agree these children picked up this behavior outside of the classroom and most likely in their homes. Its sounds to me they are not getting the adequate guidance at home and to blame this entire incident on the teacher sounds as if many are looking for a scapegoat. The classroom may have been overcrowded and but regardless of that fact the teacher obviously noticed the kids were not present and searched for them. I think several parties should be questioned here and the sole blame should not be placed on the teacher. It’s time for us to stand up and be responsible parents and accountable adults; television, video games even our own actions are affecting our children and when they start to mimic what they see and hear we need to realize that we are the contributing factors not everyone else. Yes, I think there needs to be an investigation but it definitely should not begin and end with this teacher.

  5. Blanche Kirkendoll

    I don’t think that it is necessary the teachers fault. You have to look at the family, maybe it was something the children saw their parents doing and they were imitating them, or maybe it was something they saw on the TV and they were imitating what they saw. If there was too many children for the teacher to supervise properly, it was the school fault. Needless to say it the fault of to days society, where everything and anything goes, a society that have taken God out of everything and run by a flawed constitution and whose currency read,”In God we trust.”

  6. Milford Woodard

    as always, blame the teacher.. the question should be asked is, “where did they learn this behavior”?? Then point your fingers..

  7. concerned parent

    I agree they had to have seen this somewhere else . the old saying goes Charity begins at home and spreads .THEY DIDN’T MAKE IT UP.

  8. Corbin

    I am in agreement with Valarie^^^. Obviously, she realized that the two were not in the classroom and she went on a mission to locate them. If she had something to hide, she would not have reported it. I don’t think this teacher should be dragged through the mud over this. I think she should be taken off suspension, have this incident wiped from her record and brought back into the classroom immediately. I would like to follow this case to the end.

  9. Corbin

    Okay, I just googled this case and learned that this happened in September. After numerous searches, I still cannot find anything more than she just being suspended. Does anyone have any additional information? I’m just wondering if she is teaching again or if they actually fired her.

  10. ericaf

    Why do 5yr olds know what se× is in the first place ? What kind of home environment are they coming from? Why blame the teacher? If she leaves the classroom unattended she’s in trouble if she lets a child go to the bathroom unsupervised she’s in trouble, she can’t win. She shouldn’t lose her job.

  11. Mona

    This has nothing to do with the teacher, put the blame where it should be on the parents. How do these children know what sex is? Is it the programs they are watching, is it the behavior of the parents or older siblings. Stop putting the blame on teachers, schools, police and all other outside parties. Parents are the people who bring the children into the world and raise them. Ask them where are your values? Do you have any morals? What are you allowing your children to watch and what type of conversations are you having in your home. Do your children know right from wrong?

  12. A. G.

    Five year olds? They have learned this from home either from the parents or the television, which means they are watching shows that they should not be watching at their age! I thought there was supposed to be an aide in the classroom with children of this age. You cannot blame the teacher for this, you should be talking with the parents of these two!

  13. Aisha

    It’s very unfortunate that this occurred but it is not going away. Children as young as 5 explore their bodies, however, I really don’t think they were actually having sex. Children mimick what they see and someone has been negligent in their environment that caused their curiosity. Many times teacher’s are overwhelmed and this does create a problem. I don’t feel the teacher should be held accountable.

    • Charkes

      At least it wasn’t two little girls or boys together. Just doing what is natural what wrong with that?

  14. Devon

    I’ll bet both these kids come from a single parent home and saw the mamas with random nuccas laying up in the house and maybe one or more of these nuccas messed with them.

  15. chosinfew

    Wrong headline. They were caught “naked” not “having sex”.

    Chosinfew – one of the Frozen Chosin

  16. LeahO

    Look. My ex husband & I took my daughter to see a PG13 movie Wild Hogs. If you look carefully in the first few minutes of the movie as John Travolta is in his office talking on his cell phone in PLAIN site! There is porn on his office walls!

    We all tried to cover our eyes till it passed but it just kept coming. We ended up walking out. I mean it was PG13.


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