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Things You Should Never Say to a Home-School Parent

By: Krystle Crossman

Some people choose to home-school their children and other parents choose to send their children to school. There are definitely differences between the two however the sentiment from the parents is the same, they want their child to be successful. Many that send their kids to school seem to think that home-schooling a child is an anomaly and the second someone says that they home-school their child they are barraged with an explanation as to why the other parent could never home-school. If you are someone who sends your children to school, here are some things that you should never say to a home-school parent:

1. I don’t want my kids to feel weird: Home-schooling is not weird. Your child is not going to feel like an outsider if they are taught at home. In fact, they may feel like less of an outsider than in a public school where there are cliques and bullies to deal with.

2. I have to work: Most families these days need two incomes to be able to support themselves and live comfortably. Even those who home-school can work too, it just takes some practice and a few changes at home and at work. Housecleaning may go out the window but home-school parents said that it’s worth it to have the satisfaction of knowing they are playing a major role in their child’s success.

3. I want my kids to go to college one day: So do home-school parents. Most home-schooled children have no problems getting into college and some of them even get in far earlier than their public school peers. Just because they are not learning the exact same thing as those in school does not mean that they won’t be accepted by the same schools.

4. My kid is too social to stay at home: Home-school children have many opportunities to be social. They can volunteer at community events, they can join a sport, and there are support groups for parents of home-schooled children where the kids can sit and talk amongst each other. While you may not be able to give your social butterfly all of the time because of schoolwork, there are plenty of ways for them to make friends after.

5. My kids need to learn how to be with people who are different from them: Home-school kids are not sheltered. They meet tons of people who are different from them and are just fine with it.

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