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It Is Time To Take Control of our Children’s Learning Destiny

By Moya Ojarigi

I would say as a parent the most exhilarating time after watching your child take their first step is watching them read their first book! It opens the door to this whole other world of possibility, hope, and prosperity. They can have conversations with you. They can read to you at bed time. Most importantly, it is like a badge of honor for them ( and us), my child CAN READ! Oh and by the way they are in Preschool!

Preschool is the most critical developmental stage for children. In these formative years, what our children is learning is crucial to the well-being as adults. In a perfect world, the first words your child learns how to read should be about just how wonderful they are! Now we can create that perfect world for our child! We can give our kids the best start in learning they truly need. Your child will have the resources needed to develop a great self-concept and identity! They will learn their history!

As a founder of a preschool for children of African Heritage, I have used the phonics system to teach my children to read, and it works very well. But if we are laying the foundation for our children to excel, I need to truly lay a foundation of excellence! Therefore, if I am teaching them to read, I need to use a system that includes them in it from the very beginning. Their first words should be about Africa , Kings, Queens, Jackie Robinson, to Ursula Burns.

Once they read about the greatness of others, they will be able to appreciate their own greatness, even more! All because their first books of learning were about them! It is going to be an amazing journey and the reward at the end will be tremendous!

It is time to take control of our children’s learning destiny, one book at a time!
Sign up for the free introductory 20 day teach your child read challenge!
Teach your preschooler of color to read using this introductory e-course. As parents we are laying the foundation for our children now! At this age our children are eager to learn! This is the best time to teach them to read and make it fun!

At Inner Child Artistry Preschool we groom our students to be leaders. And all Great Leaders are also Great Readers.

So sign up for the introductory E-Course to teach your preschooler of color to read using stories that will build their character, self-esteem, and most importantly form a positive cultural identity.

The E-Course will run from March 8th to March 28th.

It includes:

– 3 Live Webinars for us busy parents to play back at our convenience.

– 2 Twenty Minute virtual reading sessions

– 4 easy to read stories. Each story uses phonics words and sight words to build vocabulary. In addition, the story will be accompanied by a short historical synopsis to share with your child.

– 4 reading games with set up instructions and suggested materials

-Access to a Private Facebook group to share triumphs and troubles.

Reading is fun! It is a great way to spend quality time with your child. If you sign up I will send you more information!
Register Today: Click to register

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2 thoughts on “It Is Time To Take Control of our Children’s Learning Destiny

  1. Michelle

    I agree. Pre-schoolers should learn the positive things of our history through reading and story-telling. When they are older, say eight-to-ten year-olds, they can learn about the impact of slavery.

  2. Ali Bey

    Will there be another course like this offered. Love the site, All Praises for your work well done, great resource for my family


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