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How To Make Your Home-school Experience “Beautiful”

By: Krystle Crossman

Life is tough for everyone. There are things that we would like to change or that we look at and find everything that is ugly in them. Home-schooling shouldn’t be like this. You should always try to teach your kids how to find the beauty that is in everything and maintain a beautiful atmosphere for their learning experience. Here are some ways using our senses that you can make your child’s learning environment more beautiful:

1. Sounds: When you are doing a calming and quiet activity such as drawing or painting, throw on some classical music. The children will listen while they are working and come to appreciate the beauty of the notes and the tones.

2. Touch: The sense of touch is a big one for younger children, especially if they are used to having something like a security blanket. Get an extra soft pillow or blanket and when you are curled up on the couch with them you can wrap them up in it, or if they are working at a table or desk you can have the pillow behind their back on the chair so they can still feel the softness and be comforted by it.

3. Smells: There are many different smells that can be calming. You can throw on a candle that smells like something is baking in the kitchen or you can put some potpourri in the middle of the table where you are working. Try different room sprays in the morning such as lavender and have the children turn that into an activity that is done in the morning when you start school.

4. Taste: At least once a week try to make them a really tasty breakfast or lunch. This will help them to focus because they will feel happy and satisfied after eating.

5. Sight: Have art pieces or photographs hanging on your wall that show beauty. Put a photographic book in the center of the coffee table and encourage your kids to look at it. Take field trips to art museums or the library. All of these things make their world a more beautiful place.

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