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Darkening Of the Race: What Public Students of the Future Will Look Like

By: Krystle Crossman

The National Center for Education Statistics is showing that the population of white students is going to decrease significantly within the next decade and the number of Hispanic students is going to increase. According to current enrollment trends they expect a 16% decrease in white students and a 23% increase is Hispanic students. They are also estimating a 29% decrease in Native American and Alaskan Native students as well as a 14% decrease in black students. They are also predicting that the number of Hispanic students that graduate will increase by 64%.

The trends that they are predicting are mostly going to happen in the South and the Northeast. By the time we are in the school year of 2022-2023 it is forecasted that there will be a 10% drop in graduation rates for the Northeast and an 8% drop out in the Midwest. In the South they are predicting that the graduation rates will increase by 9% and increase in the West by 5%.

The Education Writer’s Association says that the schools that are in the areas that spend the least amount of money on education are going to be the ones that see the highest enrollment increases. The Northeast tends to spend more per student. The South and the Midwest in states such as Texas and Arizona they tend to not spend as much money on their students but are expected to have a huge population growth in the coming years. State education policy makers have not said that whether the increase in enrollment rates or whether the shifting of the graduation rates will prompt new policies to be put into place for the education of the students.

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2 thoughts on “Darkening Of the Race: What Public Students of the Future Will Look Like

  1. ST

    Why is this article titled: “The darkening of the race”? Black people are in glee about this darkening stuff, when there is no proof that it will benefit us. Look at the racial practices of South America. It’s worse than North America. When you speak of Hispanics, you are speaking of the descendants of that region. You know what will happen? A lot more Hispanics will be considered white. Some are upset because they are not called “white” already. So why are we so interested in this? We need to stop looking for that “magic” bullet and understand institutionalize racism, so we can handle it. Whites are NOT giving up any power. And if blacks don’t drastically change something, we still won’t have any.


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