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Man Files Restraining Order Against His Son’s Alleged Bully, a 9 Yr Old

One of the contributing factors for many parents deciding to remove their children from traditional schools, whether public or private, and home-school them, is that their children are being damaged by incessant bullying.

One Father in California decided that bringing in the long arm of the law was the answer when he became aware of his son allegedly being bullied at school. He decided to file a restraining order against the nine year old boy his son said was bullying him.

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Dad Stephen Feudner told Fox 40 that the alleged bully has physically and verbally abused his son for months, sometimes using racial slurs, but that school administrators at Rolling Hills Elementary School in Fairfield have ignored his complaints.

“I am trying to protect [the children] from future attacks by this young man,” Feudner told Fox.

Feudner’s son confirmed the claims.

“He came up and pushed me, I pushed him back and then he punched me right in the face and he said ‘Haha, you got punched,'” the boy told the station. “He uses the n-word many times, b- word, the s-word.”

According to the Daily Republic, Feudner wrote in his report that the child had bullied and battered his son on March 4 and stalked him twice following the incident. Feudner was reportedly granted a temporary restraining order, forcing the alleged bully to stay at least two yards away from his son.

However, he might have trouble making the restraining order stick. Feudner does not have the last name of the alleged bully, and the school has refused to release it. If he is unable to track down the student’s full name and address to serve the papers, the order will become void in the next few days.

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One thought on “Man Files Restraining Order Against His Son’s Alleged Bully, a 9 Yr Old

  1. Corbin

    This isn’t going to work. This man will most likely end up taking his son out of that school and either home school the child himself or enter him in another school.


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