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Why All Families Need More Options For Pre-schools

By: Krystle Crossman

Rasmussen College is an institution that is a huge advocate for preschools. They show stats that give parents a clearer picture of why it is better for kids to have different options when it comes to preschool. They recently released an infographic that shows the different ways that preschool can be a great way to get your kids on the fast track of learning.

Rasmussen looked at the different spending amounts of all of the states in the country per preschool student. There are only five states plus Washington DC that spend $8k or more on their preschool students. Two states, Minnesota and Washington spend between $6k to $8k per preschool student. Ten states spend between $4k to $6k , nineteen states spend $2k to $4k, and four states spend under $2k per student. The other ten states are marked as N/A on the infographic.

The number of young children that are enrolled in preschool programs has definitely increased in the last few years due to government initiatives. In 2008 the percent of 4 year olds that were enrolled was 23%. As of 2012 there were 28% of four year olds enrolled. This however is still a small number as compared to what the government would like and have tried to get over the years.

Early childhood education is important for children in so many ways. Statistics show that 60% of kids that did not go to preschool graduate from high school where 80% of children that went to preschool graduated. This also meant that they made more money overall than their peers that did not go to preschool. If the graduation rates could increase by just one percent in a year studies show that there would be 9,467 less burglaries, 35,105 less thefts, and over 37,000 less assaults.

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