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Why Has Number Of Kids With Autism Shot Up By 30%

By: Krystle Crossman

The CDC has released new statistics that show that the number of children that are diagnosed with autism has shot up 30% since 2012. They say that 1 in 68 kids are diagnosed with autism. In 2012 they showed that 1 in 88 kids were diagnosed with it.

In 2010 there was a study on 8 year olds that lived in areas that were surveyed by the CDC. They found that 1 out 45 kids in New Jersey has been diagnosed with autism in a stark contrast to the 1 in 175 in Alabama. The new studies have shown that boys are five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls are. They found that 1 in 189 girls were diagnosed as opposed to 1 in 42 boys. They also found that there were higher diagnosis rates among white children compared to black and Hispanic children.

Every time the CDC does a study on the number of children with autism the number is higher and higher. They started at 1 in 150 children and now are at 1 in 68. They have yet to figure out what is causing this sudden spike in the diagnosis rates. Rob Ring who is a chief officer for Autism Speaks says that there are more families that are aware of the signs of autism and are more educated than they were before, so more parents are having their children tested earlier on when they notice the signs. The criteria for the diagnosis has changed over the last few years as well as researchers learn more and more about autism.

Ring says that some of the other possibilities are the rising age that mothers are having children and environmental issues as well. The older a woman is when she has a child the more she increases the risk of having a baby with developmental disorders such as autism. The good news is that children are getting treatment and care much sooner than they used to as the new screening measures make it possible for them to make a diagnosis and start treatment as early as two years old.

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