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Can You Do Well as a Full-time Home-school Family?

By: Krystle Crossman

Making the decision to home-school is tough. There are so many different commitments and sacrifices that will need to be made in order to educate your child at home. Some parents just cannot effectively home-school while others excel at it. When you are thinking about home-schooling it is important to do a lot of research and take some of the following situations into account before making a solid decision:

1. If you are single or divorced, home-schooling may be a challenge. If you work from home, run your own business out of the home, or have a very flexible schedule, you may be able to make it work. However if you work normal office hours you would need some kind of support from others and you wouldn’t be the one home-schooling your child most of the time.

2. If you truly do not feel in your heart that you want to home-school, you shouldn’t. You will need to be 100% invested so that you can give your child the best experience possible.

3. If you do not have a lot of money and are just barely getting by as it is the materials for home-schooling that will give your kids the best education that they can get may be too much for your budget to handle. There are free resources like the museum or the library but some of the workbooks and lessons that you may want for your child could become quite costly.

4. If you are extremely impatient with children on a regular basis, home-schooling is probably not the right fit. You need to have a lot of patience with your child as they are learning since they are going at their own pace and figuring things out their own way.

5. If someone in the home is seriously ill or chronically ill it may be best not to home-school. Constant care and attention will need to be given to the person who is sick. If the parent who will be doing the teaching is sick, they will not be as effective as they could be with their lessons.

6. Mentally ill parents will most likely not have the focus or mental acuity that it takes to teach a child and should not be home-schooling. If the child is the one with a mental illness they may need more help than their parents are capable of.

7. Finally if the parent is illiterate home-schooling is obviously not exactly the best choice.

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