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The Worst Segregation In Public Schools Is Not in The South; Guess Which State It Is

By: Krystle Crossman

Diversity is an extremely important thing for schools to have and yet New York schools seem to be completely lacking in this area. A study found that only 1 in 100 students are white in New York public schools. The majority are Latino or African American. These schools also have more students that are considered to live in poverty and have teachers that are not as qualified or experienced as they should be.

UCLA conducted a civil rights project and were shocked to find that 30% of New York’s schools had lower than 10% white students in attendance. They also found that 1 in 100 students were white in 11% of the schools. They say New York’s extensive segregation history is a huge reason for a lot of the schools being as segregated as they are today. They also put part of the blame on the amount of charter schools that are in the area.

The researchers at UCLA say that whenever they do studies on segregation, New York is always right at the top of the list. They even have higher segregation rates than any state in the South which is notorious for its segregation. There is less than 1% of the student population in their charter schools that are white.

Interesting, the next four states that top the list for being the most segregated are not in the South either. They are Maryland, Illinois, New Jersey, and Michigan. All of these states also have schools that are mainly less than 10% white students and the rest black or Latino students. There are five states that have an equal amount of white, black, and Latino students. Those states are Texas, Nevada, Delaware, New Mexico, and California.

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One thought on “The Worst Segregation In Public Schools Is Not in The South; Guess Which State It Is

  1. godfather05

    Does this surprise anyone? Not me. It was New York that started the stop and frisk law. New Your was governed by Conservative Republicans for the last 12 years. What did you expect? New York can be called the big Mississippi.


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