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Home-schooling Teens: How to Calm Their Fears

By: Krystle Crossman

Now that home-schooling is on the rise you may be thinking of pulling your teen out of school so that you can teach them at home. Some may be resistant to this at first because of some of the stigmas that are thrown around about home-schooling. If you have a teen that doesn’t want to leave public school but you think it may be in their best interest, here are some things you can tell them to calm their fears.

1. Teens that are taught at home do really well in college. Some of them even get into college at an earlier age than their peers. There may be some roadblocks when you apply for college such as having to take the SAT or some community college courses to prove that they have the academic capabilities to be in college. With a few college prep courses that will be an easy roadblock to overcome. Even when home-school teens choose not to go to college they still succeed in the real world because they were taught real life skills at home that they could use for the future.

2. Make sure your teen knows that just because they are home-schooled does not mean that they are awkward socially. In fact, they have an advantage to those in school because there are no cliques or hierarchies to deal with. They can meet people that have the same interests as they do. They have the freedom to choose who they are friends with without the peer pressure from others.

3. Home-schooling is nothing like public school curriculum (it shouldn’t be anyway otherwise what is the point?). They will have freedom and creativity with the lessons. They will be able to focus on the subjects that really interest them and excel in those. They will be able to learn skills such as the value of money and job interview skills which are rarely offered at public schools.

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