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How to Incorporate Technology Into Home-schooling Lessons

By: Krystle Crossman

Technology has come a long way and is a great tool for home-schooling if you know how to use it right. Kids can definitely learn from education computer games, television programs, and even apps on a tablet. They cannot learn by technology by itself however as they need human interaction to learn as well. If you want to incorporate technology into your lessons do some research and figure out what will work best in your home.

There are some pros and cons that come with all forms of technology. One specific example would be doing research over the internet. It is a great way for a child to learn how to look for something specific. It also helps them realize that the information is out there, they just have to go looking for it. It will save you some gas as well since you won’t have to make a trip to the library. On the other hand, while searching on the internet for information you need to be careful of what is real and what is not. There are many websites out there with false information that could lead your child in the wrong direction. Teach them about the kinds of websites that they should use such as government sites or news sites like This way they have the best chance at finding the most accurate information.

Children are going to need to learn how to use a computer anyway to make it out in the workforce as almost all jobs are based on computers. Even working retail you need to know how to run a register which is a computer. Showing them basic typing and office skills will go far later in life. Teach them how to make slideshows and spreadsheets. Show them how to research on the internet. Teach them about email.

Make sure that you use technology sparingly. Children still need face to face contact. Technology should only be used as an aid, not as the entire lesson. When used properly it can be very beneficial.

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