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Roman Catholic Church Tells Teachers Homo$exuality and Other Things Can Get Them Fired

By: Krystle Crossman

Catholic school teachers in Cincinnati have been given a cheat sheet of the things that can get them fired under the Catholic doctrine. Their contracts include specific events that are offenses that will get them fired on the spot. If a teacher shows any indication that they are practicing a “homos*xual lifestyle”, getting an abortion, or being artificially inseminated to have a child, they will lose their job. The problem is that teachers who are fired for offenses like this have no way to sue because the language is so vague in the doctrine.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati says that by including these specific events in their contracts with their teachers and giving them a specific list of what they could be fired for helps them to understand what rules need to be followed. The reason that they have made these contracts so item-specific is because a large number of lawsuits were filed after teachers were being fired for reasons that seemed unclear or unfair to them.

Among the list of things that they cannot do other than those mentioned above are:

– S*x outside of marriage
– “Improper use” of social media outlets
– Being a member of an organization that does not follow the church doctrine
– Using a surrogate mother to have a child

The union in Cincinnati has been contacted by some of the teachers even though they are not a part of the union. They say that the contract is over the top and is very restrictive on their lives. The union president, Rita Schwartz says that the contracts are oppressive. The Archdiocese is defending their actions and the language that is in the contracts saying that all of the teachers that are at Catholic schools must behave under the moral standards of the doctrine and they all know that when they sign on to be a teacher. What do you think, too strict or should the teachers know that they are expected to follow these rules under their religion?

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3 thoughts on “Roman Catholic Church Tells Teachers Homo$exuality and Other Things Can Get Them Fired

  1. A. G.

    Wow! You got to love those Catholics! They think it is ok for their priest to seduce little children and they just pass them on to another parish so they can seduce some more! But they have the nerve to want to fire people for being gay or having children out of wedlock, someone needs to tell these dried up old men that they are not God, they are not perfect, and they need to clean their pulpit before degrading others, what a woman does with her body is none of your business, I bet all of those old priest are on Viagra, don’t they think it is Gods will if they can’t get it up anymore! They need to start practicing what they preach on Sunday mornings!

  2. BlueCornMoon

    I’m a Catholic & totally agree! So do a lot of other Catholics who are leaving the church or doing as they please ! Why on earth should a bunch of old men who presumably haven’t loved or been with a woman have the right to tell ONLY WOMEN what to do with their bodies? Why no restrictions on MEN USING VIAGRA & CIALIS ? The female body is by nature more complicated than the male & every medical option should be made available for that reason. A myriad of things can go wrong in a pregnancy. One thing that’s always bothered me about religions is that they always seem to put restrictions & punishments on women & not men. How on earth can the Cincinnati folks plan to find out who’s having sex outside marriage, who’s had an abortion or has used a surrogate without violating personal privacy & becoming spies & stalkers ? This is just STUPID! All these religios extremist Taliban types should be exiled on an island somewhere away from those of us who want to concentrate on Christ’s teachings and to good works for the benefit of all !!

  3. William Leonard

    I wonder why the Pope didn’t come forward when it was found that many of the leaders of the Catholic church, Priest, are having sex with young boys and said this was wrong. I wonder why the Catholic church have so many orphan center. Given so serious thought could it be that the Priest and Nun are getting together and producing children and hiding them in the orphanage.


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