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This State Says Teachers Must Teach School Kids That Homo$exuality Is Illegal

By: Krystle Crossman

Mississippi’s s*x education curriculum laws has many up in arms about what they allow their teachers to tell students. The law says that the teachers are allowed to tell the students that any “unnatural int*rcourse (hom0sexuality)” is illegal and that a monogamous marriage is the only time when s*x is appropriate. Teachers can choose not to teach anything that deals with the anti-gay policy however they cannot teach anything that goes against it.

The curriculum for s*x education courses in Mississippi must be centered around abstinence. It has been this way since 2012. There are 12% of schools in the state that don’t even offer s*x education classes. The laws do not allow males and females to be taught s*x education in the same classroom and demonstrations on how to properly use a c0ndom are not allowed in any of the classes.

A survey that was conducted by the Public Polling Policy in late 2013 found that Mississippi is one of the most conservative states in the country when it comes to anything dealing with same-s*x relationships and marriages. They found that throughout the state only 22% of the population said that they were okay with the idea of a same-s*x marriage. Over 69% of the population stated that they though that same-s*x marriages should be illegal.

Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill last week that would legalize the [email protected] discrimination in the state. They are claiming that this should be in place due to religious reasons. Some LGBT supporters are thinking of moving out of the state because of how conservative the state is continuing to be. One man said that all of this was making him physically ill just thinking about how they are treating same-s*x couples.


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