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How Homework Can Be Unhealthy For Your Child

By: Krystle Crossman

When children attend public schools they tend to come home with a massive amount of homework. Their bookbags are so heavy that they end up with back issues. They have to spend so much time on their homework that they are too tired to do anything else that evening. These are just some of the reasons that the amount of homework should be reduced in schools.

The National Education Association says that kids should come home with no more than ten minutes worth of homework per grade level every night.  This would mean that a child in second grade should have 20 minutes of homework while a senior in high school would bring home 2 hours of homework. Even that seems like a lot when you start getting up into the higher grades but they are still getting double and sometimes triple that amount of homework every single night. How can the schools think that this is beneficial to the students in any way?

The more overworked students are the worse their health becomes. Parents have seen their children become depressed, withdrawn, and even physically ill because they have so much work to do when they get home that it becomes overwhelming. When they have so much homework that they are not able to go out and enjoy their childhood there is a problem. They also end up seeing less activity after school which can lead to obesity problems.

Though it seems like we should be blaming the teachers as they are the ones giving out all of this homework it is actually more the schools themselves that we should be looking at. Most of the teachers are under a lot of pressure from the schools they work for to raise the scores of the tests that that children are taking. They are also feeling pressured by the parents who sometimes feel that if a child doesn’t have a lot of homework they are not learning as much as they should be. Most teachers have never ever heard of the guidelines laid out by the National Education Association.

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