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Do You Take Your Kids To The Library? You Absolutely Should

By: Krystle Crossman

Every week on Friday my mother would bring my sister and I to the library to pick out three books that we were going to read over the next seven days and then give small book reports on. At the time we didn’t like it, but our love for reading grew stronger and stronger. Now reading is a way to relax and a welcome break from the everyday hustle that is life. Going to the library is an experience that every child should have. Here are five reasons that you should bring them when you can according to the Editor in Chief for Highlights Magazine:

1. It’s cheaper than buying books: When you go to a library there are thousands of titles that you can choose from. Your kids can read an entire series without having to wait for the next book because money may be too tight. They get to look at magazines, catch up on current events, and read the hottest new books without the cost of going out and buying everything. If they find a book or series that they will want to read over and over again you will feel that you are getting your money’s worth to buy them since they will get use.

2. Responsibility: Make sure that your child knows that they are responsible for returning their books or else they will owe the library money that will come out of their allowance. This will also teach them to take care of the books.

3. Reading more: The more you bring them to the library, the more they will read. Eventually they will ask to go before your weekly trip because they have already finished the book they got the last time.

4. Active time: When you are at the library you are actively engaging your children despite the building’s quiet demeanor. They are learning, they are interacting with other people, and they are discovering.

5. Recommendations: Your librarian may know the most popular books that kids are reading and will be able to recommend books for your children that they think they would like based on what they have already read.

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