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Is Your Spouse Resisting Home-school? Here are Some Tips

By: Krystle Crossman

When you make the decision to home-school your children you will need to make a commitment to it. But what if your spouse is not that into the idea? Can they hinder your children’s learning instead of helping it? Often times (but not always) mothers want to home-school but their husbands are not too keen on the idea. Here are some common issues that those who are reluctant to home-school have:

1. Issue: Socializing – When one parent is worried about how their children may end up being socially awkward it can make the decision to home-school difficult. The parent that is in disagreement may want a guarantee that the child will be a part of team sports or other group activities. They may be worried that their kids will never get to experience a school dance like the prom. They are afraid that their kids will not have friends because they don’t leave the house.

2. Issue: Money – When home-schooling children it can be very tough to work a normal full time job so the question arises as to where the money to pay the bills comes from and who is going to be the one to stay home with them? There is also a concern with the cost of the materials that are needed for home-schooling.

3. Issue: Proof of Education – One parent that may not be into home-schooling may be worried about proof that their child is getting a good enough education. They may want to hire an outside professional such as a tutor or give the other one a choice that if the child is not making progress by a certain time they are sent back to school.

4. Issue: Success – Colleges look at previous grades in school, so how do they determine whether to accept a student who is home-schooled? The parent may worry that they won’t be able to get into a good school or will not be able to have a good job because they were taught at home.

5. Issue: Qualifications – One of the biggest questions when home-schooling is “Am I qualified enough to do this?” That is one of the biggest concerns for a parent who is not totally in love with the idea. They may want to think that their spouse is the kind of person to be able to develop great lesson plans that are taught at the same level as a teacher in a school.

If one spouse is not thrilled about the idea of home-schooling the best thing that you can do is gather all of the information that you can on the positive effects of schooling from home. Sit down and have a rational discussion with them instead of fighting about it.

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