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What To Say To Your Kids So You Can Also Learn From Them

By: Krystle Crossman

Children are often taught by their parents but every now and then it should be the child leading the parent. When children are given some control over how they are learning it helps them to feel confident about being a leader. As you are teaching them at home, ask them some of the following questions so that they can lead you and show you what to teach them. These questions come from a blogger at

1. How do you think we should do this?
2. How did you figure that out?
3. Hmm, what do you think we should do next?
4. I can’t get the hang of this–how do you do it so well?
5. What’s another way we could try this?
6. What are the steps we should take?
7. How have you seen other people do this?
8. Can you show me what you learned in _______ class today?
9. When I was in school we did it like this. How do you do it?
10. I’d love to learn how you ________. Will you show me?
11. You are a great teacher!
12. The way you explained that to me really helped.
13. Can you explain that again, please?
14. Will you please show your brother/sister how to do that?
15. Good teachers make good leaders–that’s you!

These phrases will help your child to feel more confident about his/her abilities with their work. It will also help them to learn how to problem-solve without help from someone else. As your child grows they will have valuable leadership skills that they can use to either help other students or their siblings.

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