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Jamaican Home-schooler Accepted into 11 U.S. Colleges Praises Home-school

By: Krystle Crossman

Tchakamau Ra from Jamaica has big plans for her future. She is just about to turn 18 and already has a clear path in mind. She wishes to be an astrophysicist researcher and study jungle animals as well. After being accepted into 11 of the United States’ top colleges, she seems to have a great chance at making her dreams come true. Accepted into Ivy League schools such as Yale and Princeton, this young teen has a lot to think about before embarking on her college journey in the fall. She says that she owes all of her success in academics to one thing…home-schooling.

Ra was home-schooled by her parents until she entered high school when she was in 7th grade. She then went to a private school but was tutored at home by her parents in six other subjects for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate. She states that she would have chosen home-schooling over public or privates schools without a second thought. She enjoyed the freedom that was given at home-schooling because she was able to choose the subjects she wanted to learn about instead of being told what she was going to learn. She said that it was nice being at home because the only one that the teacher had to focus on was you, and possibly a couple of others if you had siblings.

Tchakamau enjoyed the one-on-one approach because she was able to get extra help and attention. This allowed her to master the subjects that she was learning instead of being held at one speed in a classroom. Tchakamau’s mother said that the children were very mature and adjusted well to home-schooling. She said that they were flexible with what they were being taught and excelled. Good luck to Tchakamau in all of her future endeavors!

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