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6 Year Old Attended Oxford University; Wants to be Neurosurgeon and Astronaut

By: Krystle Crossman

Meet Joshua Beckford: At just six years old he was the youngest person to ever attend Oxford University. He is now 8 and is thinking about all of the things that he wants to accomplish in his life. He has decided that his career path is going to be neurosurgery. He also wants to be an astronaut someday. At his age most kids are thinking about the gross cafeteria food or which friend’s house they are going to play at when they are done with their homework.

Joshua did not get to attend public school. He was forced to be home-schooled because he was far too advanced for the curriculum in the public school system. He is currently working on writing a children’s book about Egypt as that is a subject that he is fascinated with. He is an academic powerhouse with a clear path in mind.

On top of his academic achievements, Joshua is also the face of the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority campaign. This is a group that tries to help put a spotlight on the challenges that minorities must overcome every day when they are trying to reach out to get the support that they need through academics.

Joshua started on a bright academic path at just ten months old when he could recite the alphabet and point to different colors. By the time he was just two and a half years old Joshua had learned to read and had also taught himself how to type by touch on the computer. He loves to practice medical surgery on a computer program that he has and also speaks Japanese fluently. We are sure to see great things come from this bright young mind.

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6 thoughts on “6 Year Old Attended Oxford University; Wants to be Neurosurgeon and Astronaut

  1. Jacqueline

    I wish him well!!!! I love reading articles like this. With so much negative press about young African America males it like a breathe of fresh air.

  2. wow

    Our education system is setup for black children to go through the the school to prison pipeline until we as black people wake up and protect our sons especially since they can be killed after being racial profiled God bless the Trevon Martin family, they will continue to hate each other, kill each other and spend their lives in jail

  3. DB

    This is a truly wonderful story but only a snippet. This young man is actually from the UK. He has an amazingly dedicated father who has strived for excellence for his son. Not with standing the knock backs that he has has to deal with. This man puts everything into his son and more! please google Joshua to find out more.

  4. Mature Black Man

    There are so many other Black children in the world with his potential that never get the attention and support the need to fully develop/realize their potential! As a Black Man/Parent i am very proud of him! This in no way diminishes my pride in my children who have gone on to achieve a level of success that most just piss away! In these cases the parents are to blame for their children’s lack of success! The children themselves are to be credited for their success!


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