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Nigeria: Student Makes Electric Four-Wheeler From Old VW Beetle

By: Krystle Crossman

Segun Oyeyiola, a student at Obagemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, decided that he wanted to help to make an impact on our ever-changing climate and pollution status. Every day we are doing more and more harm to the planet with exhaust from cars. Some people will walk to the places that they need to be. Others will take public transportation. Some bike to work. But for many of us there is no other way to get to work except to drive there. Oyeyiola wanted to show that it is possible to make a car that will not hurt the environment.

Oyeyiola took an older model VW Beetle and transformed it with his own hands. He turned it into a four wheel vehicle that was completely solar powered. The effort cost $6,000 to turn the vehicle into something that is completely green (right down to the paint job). Many of the parts that he needed for the car were donated to him by friends and family. He had the drive and the dedication to do something great and with the help from others was able to make his solar powered car a reality.

There is a solar panel that covers the roof of the small car. Connected to the solar panel is a giant lithium ion battery that charges in five hours. It may not look like the fanciest car on the block but it is completely functional. Even though his project is complete Oyeyiola does not plan on stopping at just this car. He is going to make adjustments and turn it into a completely marketable product. He feels that there is going to be change in the climate no matter what so we may as well chip in and help to do what we can from making things worse.

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6 thoughts on “Nigeria: Student Makes Electric Four-Wheeler From Old VW Beetle

  1. William Leonard

    Hope he don’t allow the power to be take away his ideals and use them for their own like those that took the ideals of people of color for their own.

    • Darvis Muhammad

      The Most Honorable Muhammad predicted that our people in Africa would master solar energy and eventually control the solar energy industry. This innovation is no accident it was predicted. This is only the beginning. My Allah bless our brother with success in his endeavor.

  2. ericaf

    Brilliant, maybe the panels will be incorporated in the sunroof or headlights so the gang bangers won’t break them. Loll

  3. Jendayi

    Brilliant! I too hope you’re not robbed of your idea and rcv nothing for its value! Keep up the great work Segun! Ignore the ignorant remarks in the room from those who refuse to extend credit where it is due without insults. Its the best they can do with where they are in their own lives. 🙂


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