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Does Your Child Have the Characteristics of a Lifelong Learner?

By: Krystle Crossman

Some people choose to stop learning after they are done with school. They feel they have put in their time and no longer need to learn. Then there are others who learn through their entire lives. It never stops for them and that is just the way they like it. Here are some characteristics of people who never stop learning. Does your child possess any of these?

1. They learn in the best way that they know how. Some people are visual learners. Some are better with auditory learning. Then there are those who are tactile learners. All of these different ways of learning are unique to each person. They know how they learn best and use that to their advantage.

2. Lifelong learners make sure that they are accountable for someone else other than themselves. They know that they may let someone down if they fail so they learn all they can about what they are doing to ensure that they do it right.

3. They like to look at the bigger picture and think about where learning beyond school will take them. They will think carefully about what they need to learn in order to accomplish the goals that they are going after. Looking at the bigger picture also helps to give them a rough timeline for when they need to learn something by.

4. When you fail, you learn. Failing may not be something that you want to do but it is inevitable at least once in your life. The best way to take the sting out of failing is to make it fun. Many lifelong learners will fail just so they can understand what went wrong and have a project to figure out how not to fail the next time.

5. Lifelong learners start with learning from texts but then move on to other avenues such as charts, videos, and audio speeches to help them learn the subject that they are focusing on.

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