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Meet The 13 Year Old Who’s Already Published 2 Books

By: Krystle Crossman

Angela Content loves reading. It is her favorite hobby. She has now turned that hobby into a career for herself at the young age of 13. She recently self-published two original stories. Her mother said it came as a shock because she didn’t realize how serious her daughter was until she heard the news.

Angela went to her mother Marie and told her that she was going to write her own stories. Her mother didn’t think much of it but was happy that her daughter was taking an interest in writing. Then when her daughter came to her and told her that her books had been published and put on Amazon for sale she realized just how serious her daughter had been and couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Angela’s books are sci-fi / fantasy books. One of them is called “Awake and Alive”. For her second book she decided to write a romance novel entitled “Shattered”. Her second novel was just over 200 pages. Each book took her roughly three months to write. She says that she writes all of her books by hand instead of on a computer because it helps her more with the flow of the story and helps her to be more creative. She states that when she is trying to type on the computer she ends up getting stuck but handwriting allows her mind to flow freely.

Angela’s books are now being sold on several different websites. She is listed on Amazon as well as large retailers such as Barnes and Noble. She is hoping to have another two books published by the summer. Her mother says that because her internet and television time was limited as a child she was able to express herself more creatively.

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