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Vancouver Teacher Makes Students Pay to Use Bathroom

By: Krystle Crossman

A Vancouver, Washington teacher is under fire from parents for her unusual bathroom policy. They feel that it is not right and that the teacher has no authority to do what she is doing. The teacher has made this up as part of a lesson plan for her students, perhaps to teach them personal responsibility. However, they are only a third grade class and this may be going a little above and beyond a responsibility lesson.

The third grade teacher at Mill Plain Elementary School in Vancouver, WA decided that as a part of her lesson plan she was going to give her students Monopoly money. She tells them that they can spend the money either to get treats or they can spend it to have “potty time”. It is up to them but if they don’t have enough Monopoly money left when they have to go to the bathroom, they are not allowed to go. Two children have already had accidents because of this teacher’s policy. The parents of the two little girls that this happened to are outraged. One mother stated that they are kids and what child will spend money on going to the bathroom as opposed to treats?

Not only does this force the parents to come in to bring their children a new set of clothes but it is embarrassing for the children who end up having accidents. One of the 9 year old girls really wanted popcorn like her friends were having, so she bought the popcorn with her fake money but couldn’t hold it in anymore when she had to use the bathroom. A school district spokesperson stated that this was not a district policy and was something that the teacher was doing all on her own. In real life you do not need to pay to use the bathroom and money is not a deciding factor between treats or bathroom time so it is unclear what the lesson is.

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One thought on “Vancouver Teacher Makes Students Pay to Use Bathroom

  1. AJ

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the class had regular bathroom breaks that were “free”. The only time they had to pay is if they had to leave again during instruction time. Sounds like something I do with my first graders. We’ve got a lot who choose not to go when the class does, but need to go when I’m teaching. Or others who just want to get out of class. So yea, I use tickets in class that you can buy treats with, or waste your class time in the bathroom with. These kids that had accidents could have had health issues, if that was the situation I would not have charged them. There are always exceptions. You never know the whole story. But always blame the teacher first and ask questions later…


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