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Meet The 8 Year Old Chef and Entrepreneur Who’s Already a Star

Some people find themselves well into adulthood and still wondering what they want to be “when they grow up”. Some kids, on the other hand, can start their careers very young and have fun and even make some money, much like Taylor Moxey.

At the age of eight, Taylor is already a pastry chef and superstar!

Taylor, who bakes her own cakes and packs them into individual decorated boxes, already has quite a few regular customers in and around her Miami, Florida home, including Citi Bank and HGTV’s Bobby Berk.

Taylor’s business climbed rapidly after she won the KISS Country Midtown Miami Cornbread Competition, in which she beat trained adult chefs to take home the first prize.

With a little help from her parents, the eight-year-old culinary marvel has become something of a local celebrity.

According to her father, Vernon Moxey, after Taylor won the competition, people started calling and asking for her by name. He adds that they would ask things like “Is Taylor going to bring her cookies this week? Is she going to bring her cupcakes this week?”

Taylor said that she obtained her desire to cook and bake from watching a lot of Food Network Shows, and she keeps an inspiration board full of ideas from famous TV chefs. She adds that although she enjoys regular school, her activities don’t stop when she gets home, because she starts to bake and prepare the hand-decorated cupcake boxes.  She also loves to dance.

However, stardom hasn’t gone to the little girl’s head, because she gives part of her income, which has already run into the thousands of dollars, to dyslexia awareness to help others in need.  So, she has already learned the value of having a double bottom line of intergenerational wealth building and community empowerment.

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