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10 Year Old in California Graduates High School

By: Krystle Crossman

All over the country teenagers are celebrating the end of their high school years. Graduates all over are looking back fondly at the last 12 years of school and remembering all of the good times that they had with friends. They are also looking forward to their futures after high school. One Sacremento, California boy doesn’t have many high school memories to go on at his graduation. That could be because Tanishq Abraham is just 10 years old.

Abraham is now part of an elite group as one of the youngest children to graduate from high school. He did not participate in a graduation commencement with the high school students. Instead he had a small private ceremony with his family and his friends. He even got a letter from the White House congratulating him on all of his success. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA after being home-schooled his entire life. He said that the work was definitely not easy by any means.

When he was just 4 years old Tanishq had an IQ test done. His mother had realized that he was smart but never realized just how intelligent he was until the results of the test came back. He was in the top 2% in the country and joined Mensa. He says that he is not sure exactly how it works but if someone gives him a topic, information about that topic just comes to his mind.

Now that he had received his diploma he is taking college courses. He has big plans for himself. He would like to be president someday. He is also interested in becoming a scientist. For now he is looking into medical school at the University of California, Davis. He wants to study medicine and try to find a cure for cancer.

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