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Do Teacher Tenure Policies Need To Change?

By: Krystle Crossman

Tenure for a teacher is very important. Education is very fickle and to have that guarantee that they will have their job for as long as they want it is very comforting. Unfortunately there are many states that are no longer offering tenure to their teachers. Instead they are handing out yearly teaching contracts.

In Florida any teacher that was hired from 2011 and on is put on one of these teaching contracts which means that their contract could end at the end of the year and that will be that. North Carolina and Kansas are trying to eliminate tenure completely and are working to phase it out slowly. There are also currently 16 states that require that teacher evaluations be done and carefully assessed before granting tenure to anyone. These new policies have not gone unnoticed and are not without fights.

There are new initiatives from the government that are being implemented that make teacher evaluations much more comprehensive and insightful. They want to make sure that the teachers are effective. One thought is that if the teacher has tenure and is an ineffective teacher, it makes it that much harder to fire them and could be bad for the students as they would continue to teach ineffectively. These evaluations use student progress and grades in the schools as one of the main components to ensure that the students are getting the education that they deserve from the teacher.

California has been involved in legal battles over their hiring and firing policies. Nine students were a part of this fight stating that the good teachers were staying away because of the new policies and the ineffective teachers were kept in the school. A Supreme Court Judge agreed with them and ruled against the California policies. It is felt that the ruling in this case is going to cause a ripple effect and lawsuits will begin popping up to protect the teachers.

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5 thoughts on “Do Teacher Tenure Policies Need To Change?

  1. Jimmie L. Sherman

    No More Tenure; That’s Good!!!
    Bad Teachers Must Now
    Become Good Teachers Who Are Actually Serious About Closing the Academic Achievement Gap!!!

    What is the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher?

    A bad teacher makes an easy subject hard.
    A good teacher makes a hard subject easy.

    For, the good teacher always uses the best methods, while the bad teacher doesn’t.

    And it is a fact that most of our teachers need to learn and use the best methods, which simply include the right psychology and giving the students the most understandable prerequisite information. It’s as simple as that.

    – Jimmie L. Sherman

  2. Elizabeth

    Do teacher really have “tenure” if they can be fired in the first three years for incompetency? The problem may be administrator’s inability to do that in the first three years in those state with a form of tenure. Ineffective teachers cannot hide this for three years, so who is to blame, teachers are principals?

  3. Tom Washington, PhD

    Yes, tenure should be eliminated. I am 76, PhD in Spanish, 20 years successful teaching experience in high schools, colleges and universities. I got my first teaching job replacing a teacher who was so incompetent that they had her “teaching” study hall her final year before retirement. I helped to develop a unique modern language teaching method which can help even a novice 1st year teacher achieve results far superior to those of teachers with many years of experience. I am willing to share my knowledge of the principles of effective teaching with anyone who might be interested—teacher, administrator, student, parent, the general public free of charge.

  4. James Robertson

    No, teachers tenure does not need to change, let’s say the Administration hired these teachers 15, 25 and 30 years ago, when you first hired them were they inadequate for the job, so why now are they no longer any use to the Administration, what and who you hire is a direct result of you the employer, then that must mean you are a non-proformance administrator. A new teacher should never be put on and even par with and older experience teacher.

  5. Petra

    I agree majority of our teachers are freakin fantastic and go out of their way for our kids. However we still have those that could care less and simply go in for a paycheck.

    Those need to go!

    My oldest was in honor classes and her teacher was a man that barely spoke english. She would have to stay after school, along with the rest of the class, and go to another teachers class to learn the assignment..

    When we went to open house the parents were all appalled when none of us could understand him.

    We all went to the Board of Education and were told there was nothing they could do as he had tenure. That meant he was permanent.

    WTH?? Things have got to change….


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