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Honorary Diploma Given to Girl Declared Legally Brain Dead

By: Krystle Crossman

In December of 2013 Jahi McMath underwent a surgery to help her sleep apnea. After the surgery she was awake and responsive and even asked for a popsicle. A few hours later she had massive blood loss and ended up in cardiac arrest. They revived her but she was declared brain dead. Her family fought for her because they didn’t believe that she was brain dead. They brought the hospital to court and forced them to keep her on life support. He was given an unofficial death certificate in January that was dated December 12th, 2013. The certificate would not be complete until an autopsy was performed.

13 year old McMath’s family kept on fighting for her and kept her on life support even though the Children’s Hospital Oakland wanted them to give up. They brought in their own doctor to conduct his own investigation. This doctor stated that he say McMath move which would indicate that she was not dead. The hospital released McMath’s body to the coroner in January which was then released to her mother. A feeding tube was inserted and her mother arranged care for her and maintains that she is still alive.

Since she missed out on most of her 8th grade year and missed graduation this summer she was given an honorary diploma. She attended E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts. The diploma was given to a family member on Friday, June 13th. Omari Sealey, McMath’s uncle stated that his niece was doing well. She was moved to another care facility after her body had been released to the family. Sealey stated that she was responding to voice commands.

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3 thoughts on “Honorary Diploma Given to Girl Declared Legally Brain Dead

  1. Vee Hx

    I cannot believe I am reading this article on a website entitled The Black Homeschool. It is extremely poorly written with several grammatical errors in it.Who ever wrote this article would receive an F grade in Middle School.

    Does this site have proofreaders or Editors?? The premise of the site is education!!! Come on, now!!

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