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Family Quit Schools, Work and Traveled Across America

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling comes with one thing that no public schools have and that is freedom. You have the freedom to decide what to teach, how to teach it, and most importantly, where to teach it. What if you wanted to travel during the spring or winter? You can do it! You don’t have to be tied down by school schedules and vacations. You can bring school with you. One family decided that they wanted to go on a road trip for a few years so they packed everything up into an RV and took their children on a whirlwind adventure across the county for a few years. They brought their home-school supplies with them and gave the children a mobile and interactive education.

While it may seem that not much would get done in a life on the road, you would be surprised at just how much your children can learn while they are not in school. On a road trip across the country there are endless possibilities for learning. There are science museums, zoos, state parks, nature walks, boat rides, and so many other interactive activities. They can still learn math by calculating how many miles per gallon the RV gets or how much certain percentages off prices are. Books can be bought in one city, read along the road, and then traded in at the next city for another book.

When you home-school there is the freedom of not having a specific curriculum that you must follow or scheduled standardized tests that must be taken. You can plan out lesson plans that can be done at the table in the RV while you are driving from city to city so that your children can get their core subjects down and then once to get to the next city they can have fun learning. The possibilities are endless!

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