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The Supermarket as a Home-school Lesson Plan

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schoolers know that just because you home-school your child does not mean that you necessarily need to be at home all of the time. There are plenty of places that you can go outside of your home where you can teach your child important life lessons. One great place that you can take your child is the supermarket. Not only can you get your grocery shopping done but you can plan a lesson around it as well. Here are some teaching moments at the supermarket:

1. Where does it come from? – Every day your child sees the foods that you eat but do they know where these foods come from? Encourage them to do research before you go to the market on certain types of food that are on your shopping list. You can turn it into a game and have them find the foods that grow on trees, the ones that come from the ground, and ones that come from animals. They will learn how to do research and will learn about where the things that they eat come from.

2. How much does it weigh? – When you are in the produce section you usually weigh your food to know roughly how much it is going to cost. The scale can be a very important tool in all walks of life. Have them guess which is heavier out of a few types of produce. If they are older give them the price of the food and the weight and have them figure out how much they will cost.

3. Which one is better? – When you are in a section where there are different choices for one type of item have your child compare them to each other. For example if you are in the cracker aisle and are looking at the regular Wheat Thins and the store brand version, have them do some research on the labels to figure out which one may be better for you. This can help to teach them how to make well thought out and informed decisions.

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