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This Child Expert Says ALL Kids Should Be Banned From Using Handheld Devices

By: Krystle Crossman

Children are growing up in an age with technology. This means that they always have electronics at their disposal. Here are some reasons why those handheld electronics should be kept away from kids according to pediatric therapist Cris Rowan:

1. When a child is over-stimulated by electronics at a very young age their brain develops more rapidly than it should. This can cause cognitive disorders such as attention deficit disorder.

2. Kids who are more interested in electronics are less interested in going outside and playing sports or moving around. This can lead to obesity both in childhood and in their adult lives.

3. Since handheld electronics do not require a lot of movement on the child’s part they may end up having motor skill development delays. They are not using their muscles as they are supposed to and their body isn’t able to develop like it should.

4. There are many different video games out there that are violent in nature. This can cause children to become overly aggressive when they are not playing the game as they are trying to mimic what they see.

5. Around 75% of children are allowed to go to bed with electronics and this can cause sleep deprivation.

6. With the ever-changing scenes and backgrounds on video games and television the child’s mind does not have time to rest. This gives them a shorter attention span and a shorter memory as well.

7. Studies have shown that overuse of electronics is a common factor among children who have mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder.

8. The use of electronics causes radiation exposure. Over time the overuse of the electronics can be dangerous for the child’s health.

9. Raising a child with technology is not a way for them to have a sustainable life. They need real life experiences as opposed to digital ones.

10. Playing video games and watching television too often can cause a severe addiction to electronics which can open the door to more addictions down the line.

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