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Your Kid Says His Teacher Hates Him; What Now?

By: Krystle Crossman

Every parent wants to hear that their child has had a good day at school. They like knowing that their child has made friends, is learning, and gets along with their teacher. But what happens when your child comes home saying that their teacher hates them? When your child says that they have a teacher that is picking on them or singling them out, what do you do? Jennifer Mitgang, who is a family therapist in Rego Park, NY, states that this is more likely a situation of a child not liking their teacher because they are stricter than the teacher they had last year. Here are a few things that you can do if your child thinks that their teacher is singling them out for some reason.

1. Get a list together: Have your child make up a list of all of the great things that they have at the school. Have them list what they like about their day. Make a column for their favorite activities. If they can focus on this list of great things at school it will help them take their mind off of the teacher.

2. Validation: Let your child know that you understand their feelings. Share some teacher horror stories of your own so that they know that they are not alone in feeling this way. Then make sure to let them know that they aren’t always going to get a teacher that they like but they still need to make the best of it.

3. Extracurricular: If your child is great at outside activities such as a certain sport or perhaps music, let them express themselves creatively through these outlets. Studies have shown that children who participate in these kinds of activities outside of school do better academically and are more confident in the classroom.

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One thought on “Your Kid Says His Teacher Hates Him; What Now?

  1. GwenS

    With all due respect, its NOT that easy, suppose your child is in a predominantly White school and some history lessons are making them uncomfortable and the more they try to express their concerns the more the teacher minimizes it. is that simple to just have a pep talk and send him/her back.

    Too much is happening in our schools for just little pep talks and sending them in some cases”the lions den” type of schools…

    I am just saying BLINDLY trusting systems has done more harm then good to certain populations of children


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