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Long Island Father Takes on Social Services Over Spanking and Wins

We seem to be living in a day and age where parents are losing more and more of their rights as the people who have the primary responsibility of raising their children. Part of the reason why many parents choose to home-school their children is that they want to take back the responsibility of making sure their children grow up with good values and end up as positive, contributing members of their communities and society as a whole.

A Long Island father learned the hard way that sometimes the way you choose to correct and discipline your children can be subject to scrutiny and cause you a lot of pain and trouble when he spanked his child for misbehaving.

According to

The father had used the disciplinary action in October 2012 during a party at a friend’s house.

The Suffolk County social service department alleged he used an open hand and a belt on the boy’s buttocks, legs and arms after they got home.

The incident occurred in March 2013.

A county family court later found the father in neglect.

The identifies of the father and the child were suppressed as art of the family court ruling.

The appellate division has now said under the circumstances the spanking ‘did not constitute excessive corporal punishment’.

‘The father’s openhanded spanking of the child as a form of discipline after he heard the child curse at an adult was a reasonable use of force,’ the appeals court ruling said.

The neglect ruling was dismissed, the court said, because evidence collected at a fact-finding hearing that the father hit his son with a belt ‘was insufficient to prove that allegation’.


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5 thoughts on “Long Island Father Takes on Social Services Over Spanking and Wins

  1. Tyty

    I see now many would rather a child end up in prison with a system who could care less about them, than a loving parent disciplining your child and correcting the behavior that society has stated is inappropriate any where. All children are different and some children do not need the spanking but others absolutely require it.

  2. Wiliam Leonard

    Some time the courts need to stay out of some of the ways some father do to get their children attention. I would rather see a father/mother discipline a child than for him/her to spend one day in jail.

  3. ericaf

    People need to be able to discipline their own kids. When you can’t discipline your kids, they eventually end up in the state custody and then they discipline how they choose.

  4. Regina

    My grandmother had a saying while living in the South. It goes like this. “a black woman have and a white man will raise.”

    Where is the white man raising our young youth and black men?


    Parents should have the right to discipline their children and CPS need to stay in their lane and do their jobs in protecting provable abuse and neglect cases.

    A friend of mine tore her son’s a$$ up for hitting a teacher when she asked him a question. he was lucky charges were not filed against him.

    The son went to school to report the abuse. A social worker and two police officers came to the house. The son was on his way home from school. My friend said, before you MOFOs say one word, I am going to show you a few things and then you take him, get the hell out of my house and do not look to me for child support.

    She showed them the pantry full of food, the three freezers of meat, and the garden of vegetables. She showed them his two closets full of clothes and his three computers and big screen t.v.

    She told them if you MOFOs can do better than this, then you take him and you leave me alone.

    All three walked out the house and the son was walking to the house. The police officer said, boy, you are on your own.

    When he walked in, my friend tore his a$$ up and those three stood outside and eventually left.

    She never had a problem after that.

  5. A. G.

    A lot of problems we have today with children is due to the courts taking the discipline out of the parents hand. I say let me do my job as a parent now and you will not have to worry about seeing them standing in front of you judge when they get sixteen. Spankings never hurt a child, as a matter of fact, had I cursed at an adult, they would still be looking for my head today and I am a senior citizen. There is abuse and there is good fashioned discipline, there is a difference!


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