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Mother Shares The Risks Of a Child-Centered Home

By: Krystle Crossman

When you have children they are the center of your world. Your schedule changes to fit theirs. Your home life changes. Everything that you knew is now completely different. That is the way it should be, however you need to make sure that there are limits on how you let your child-centered home is run because they will tend to take over everything and become far too dependent on your for every aspect of their life. Mother and writer Kristen Welch has a few warnings about running a child-centered home and not letting their every want take over.

1. If you are constantly giving them everything that they want and running your home according to what they want instead of what you want you may end up reinforcing selfish natures. When they get out to school or someone else’s home they will think that everything should be run according to what they want without regard for others.

2. As stated above, it makes life outside of the home more difficult. Say you are bringing them to a friend’s house and they have a no-television after a certain time rule for their children, but you let yours watch TV whenever they want. They may go right over and turn the TV on without asking anyone if it is okay and when they are told to turn it off a fit will ensue. They have been raised to think that they are allowed to do what they want in their home and then feel that it’s acceptable in other places as well.

3. The world does not revolve around one single person. Your children will need to realize that sooner or later and when a home is run according to their every need and desire it may be a hard pill to swallow once they are on their own.

4. Your marriage may take a backseat when you are running a child-centered home and it can actually put a significant strain on it.

5. Children want and need restrictions and guidelines. They will not have that if they are getting their way all of the time. If they have no restrictions to follow that can haunt them when they go to get a job or when they go to school.

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