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Teacher fired after students find nude selfies on her phone

There are situations that occur in public schools that remind us of how disrespectful some of our students have become.  No one knows this better than Lekeshia Jones, a 34-year old former business teacher at Myers Middle School in Savannah, GA.

Jones was recently fired by the school board after it was revealed that students had broken into her phone and taken some nude selfies she’d placed on her device.   According to, the teacher was fired for “being irresponsible with her phone, for not properly handling or reporting the incident and for insubordination in the weeks that followed.”

Jones says that she comes from a prominent family, but that doesn’t seem to matter much right now.

“Back home [Natchez, Miss.] my family is prominent,” she said. “I’m the Natchez Indians [Mardis Gras Ball] Queen. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.”

According to the paper, the teacher apparently gave the students the password to her phone so they could call home.  But she left the phone unattended, which allowed the students to get access to her sensitive pictures.

This series of events led to some students posting the pictures on the Internet.  Jones was further disciplined for not reporting what happened to the school, which is another big part of the reason she was dismissed.

The school also says that Jones forged a contract offer in order to get a loan, which is illegal.  On top of everything, they say that she left her phone unattended again, leading to yet another student stealing it and getting information off of it.  At least that’s what the paper is saying.

Jones says that the students found a mysterious way to get around her password and take screenshots of her selfies.   They then put them on social media and the rest was history.

In the tradition of the rapper 2 Chainz, who popularized the term “THOT” (That Hoe Over There), the students created a page with the same name and put the teacher’s images on the page.   A lot of kids are now using that term since rappers are using it as well.

“I’m grown,” Jones said. “…Whatever is in my phone is my business … There is nothing in the policy about what you can or cannot have in your phone.”

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58 thoughts on “Teacher fired after students find nude selfies on her phone

  1. Ron Ramseur

    It wouldn’t matter either she gave or open herself the violation was of the student and we teach them respect ones space and privacy. So this kid is a low life parasite with no morals . I t that same as stealing from a person and the school board were wrong to fire her .

    • Jolly Roger

      Why would she giver her password to her students if she knows she has nude photos of herself on her phone?
      I know it is her business but how many women keep nude photos of themselves on their telephones? The board was right to fire her because she’s an idiot and we don’t need idiots teaching our kids.

      • Margaret

        I agree, why would an “Educated” person give up a password. What’s the point? If that child needed to call home, she could have called the parent or sent that child to the office. She is responsible for her own phone, the school district does not pay for it so she is not required to loan her phone to a student. How dumb can you get. Children and mischievous and nothing should be unexpected of them. She could go back to school to see if they can teach her to use her common sense.

      • Malik

        I do agree that this teacher was negligent in having inappropriate pictures in her phone and allow the children to use her phone to call home.. Come on get real…What teacher let students use their phone and you have your private pictures in there. Why have nude pics in your cell phone anyway? Yes it is her business but her business is no longer personal when it comes inside a public school system where you are in charge of minors of parents. Yes she should have been fired. Doesn’t matter if you were a Natch Queen or not. You shouldn’t had your phone unsecured with nude pictures in them among minor children in a public setting.

    • Mad Max

      She should be fired. First of all, you NEVER-give a student password protected information, or locked access to ANYTHING. Second, what kind of narcissistic dumbass puts nude photos of themself on their cell phone? Third, don’t blame the kid. It’s their job to do stuff like this, and its our job to keep them from getting an opportunity. Finally, read your contract, or get an adult to read it to you. Every public schoolteacher job in the world has a morality clause

  2. Pak

    The kids are right! THOT is a fool and shoulda got fired. Black folks need to stop enabling at the expense of our kids. When a decent, exemplary teacher is fired or discriminated against we say nothing. When a do whatever is ma thang idiot is disciplined, we start cryin… But you can’t fool kids, the know real teachers from fake wannabees in for a few checques.

    • Kim

      You obviously have as few standards as she does. The child who stole those pictures was trash. In middle school, you know you have no business touching anyone’s phone. Why don’t black folk like you stop making other black people deal with your filthy children.

  3. M Walker

    Some of you people just don’t read, her phone was locked! And these kids hacked her phone and posted her pics on social media. These kids should be punished for lack of respect and breech of privacy.
    The teacher has her rights too and so what if she had nude pics, maybe they were for her man!
    I’m hoping that it is over turned by some mature adults not this sexually oppressed judgemental idiots. Again the kids are wrong!

    • Barbara

      Apparently you didn’t read the article either. It said she gave them the password to use her phone to call home and left them unattended. Another student also hacked her phone. It also states that she had also forged a contract offer to get a loan, bragged about being from a “prominent family” so I guess in her mind that makes her above everyone else and the rules don’t apply to her. She also was not the sharpest tool in the shed taking nude photos of herself and believing that it won’t come back and bite her on her behind.

      I wouldn’t want this narcissistic, self-centered moron teaching my children.

      • Lone Voice in the Wilderness

        Actually, this article was written prematurely and doesn’t cite sources of certain bits of information. If you go to Savannah’s WTOC news website, the teacher says she never gave out her password at all:

        “Jones said it all started after school one day in February, she was helping some 8th grade girls put up a bulletin board in the hallway, and a couple of the girls went inside her classroom for school supplies.

        Jones noticed they were taking awhile but didn’t think anything of it at the time. It wasn’t until a month later she found out what they had done.”

        Regarding the alleged nude photos, the teacher says “”The kids were able to upload them but we never found them. We went to try to look them up but we never found them,” said Lekeshia Jones. ”

        “Jones denies being nude in photos despite what school officials said during a school board hearing on Wednesday.”

        She plans to press charges against them: “There is new Georgia law now against cyber bulling but it wouldn’t punish these students because the law passed in July. The students made posts before the law was passed into legislation…But Jones said she still plans to charge them with theft and invading her privacy.”

        • DaC Pharaoh

          .. that MAY be her DEFENSE, but what does the students say? They say she gave them the password, most smartphones are on lock, are they not? So it makes sense that she gave them the P/W most likely, especially if all the students involved say that she did.. and what about the illegal obtaining of a loan? That’s not correct either as noted in this article? IF she was going to press charges against the students she would have by now..

        • Dee

          I like that you “checked” the story. We can’t always believe 2nd or 3rd person reporting. I would still conclude, however, that the teacher should have taken great measures to keep her phone out of the reach of students given that today children are crossing boundaries in relating to adults, whether those adults are teachers, parents or principals.

      • DaC Pharaoh

        ..exactly Barbara, folks always trying to justify WRONG DOINGS AT someone else expense. She’s a teacher PERIOD.. which means she’s to SET an example for students she teaches.

        First of all. why would you give you phone to students to use in the first place? The teacher and students are on school grounds? What is the school’s front office for? For students and faculty, that’s who and that’s where they should have went to use the phone to call whomever.. plus, the teacher committed a crime by obtaining a loan illegally as a TEACHER!!! Who give a dayum if she was some so-called Natchez , MISS. Indian; if any such thing exist.. and if so.. doesn’t give her carte blanche or an excuse for what she has done..

      • Brad

        I agree with you to a certain point. She let them use the phone to call home not to check her photos. It’s the same thing if you ask me to use my restroom and you go into my bedroom nosing around. The kid didn’t have any business going through her photos.

    • Shawn Mc

      they tend to always make excuses for black kids lack of morals, if they steal its your fault for leaving your items, if your phone get snatched on the train its your fault for not looking around, if they shoot its your fault for being in the park.

      • I hate stupid people

        Oh excuses for black kids.. So there are no excuses for jon black kids that shoot innocent little kids and shooing malls.. Keep your obviously minuscule thoughts to yourself, you make it plain your an idiot with issues. Go play in traffic please.

  4. Azul Grande

    The teacher may have had poor judgment but according to the law hacking is illegal, if a wife can sue her husband for hacking why can’t she bring charges against these disrespectful kids, it starts at home everybody wants to say that the teacher is wrong what about these kids? Make a example out of them and this mess will slow down if not fine the parents because they aren’t teaching anything at home!

    Mr Grande.

    • YoCo

      If you give me your password and permission to use your device, that does not constitute hacking. She was wrong and it’s tough that she has lost her job. The kids were wrong as well and should be punished accordingly.

  5. Shawn Mc

    so when a black kids snatches your phone it was your fault for not watching him,
    if a black kid is sentenced to 10 years for numerous crimes its the system for not reducing his sentence,
    if he robs me its my fault for walking outside at night.
    if he cant pass the drug test its our fault for not eliminating all drug test.
    if he cant get a job its our fault for not placing a job across the street from his home.
    if he cant pass the test its our fault for not eliminating all test

    we are the only race that make excuses for our kids and we are their victims

  6. Samantha

    She should have never allowed the Kid to use her phone. If the kid needed to call home she should have sent him or her to the office. If she had not granted access to her phone then the pictures would not have been released.

  7. sherrie chapman

    She should not have been fired for something on her phone or allowing students to use her phone to call home. What happened to the students whostole the information from her phone and posted it/ They should be the ones in trouble, NOT the teacher. Get a lawyer and fight this action

    Blessing to you….

  8. Keith

    She was fired for her attitude I believe as well. It appears she thinks she is untouchable because of who her family is. Also, who to say she didn’t allow student on purpose to see pics? With so many woman teachers being caught messing with the boys you cannot take chances. She can come to Chicago and work for the school a local pastor just started despite a nude photo of him on the internet.

  9. david

    Personally she was very irresponsible with her phone. She should have called the parents. The cell phone is the most protected item in today’s society yet she let students whom she don’t really know past school hold her phone. Are u serious right now? Her own boyfriend, if she has one probably couldn’t even use her phone for an emergency.

  10. Janp

    Why would anyone put nude phots on your phone ? Something easily stolen , broken into etc? What was she thinking? She seems kind of self absorped in her explaination.not one thing she said in explaining this makes sense. This is just stupidity in motion. Sorry but I am not feeling the sympathy

  11. Nato2

    To our beautiful sisters out there who do selfies to post on backpage or craigslist because in your free time you are selling sex on the internet, this should tell you that what is done in the dark will come to the light. I personally know of three female teachers who actually sell their sex over the internet in order to supplement their salaries. That is not to say it does not happen in other professions, because a lot of girls get started in college and it spans all professions. Only talking about what I know. In fact, all of these women are die-hard Christians and at church regularly on Sunday. One is a Sunday school teacher also. These pictures are not as innocuous as they seem. There is a reason she has them. Upload…….

  12. Barbara

    Based on the details given in this article, both the teacher and students are at fault for their own actions. The Teacher was negligent. The students are potential future thieves headed for prison.

  13. Phillip D. Caldwell

    This was very irresponsible of the teacher! She was not supposed to allow any students to have access to her phone that was not in her presence. The board was wrong for firing her! This was her personnal phone! She should have been reprimanded and warned that any further incidents of this nature would lead to more severe penalties upto and including discharge! She should fight her firing by obtaining legal counsell.

    • Ernest Johnson

      I pray she wasn’t employed in one of those” at will” states, she is done if thats the case. People thats the way it goes, at will without notice. In other words for any reason or no reason needed.

  14. Carlene Elliott

    When! When! When will our American society hold children , young adults, pre- teens , whatever age group, responsible for their disrespectful and dishonoring behavior? When an act or action has to be hidden, the person/s know that what is being done is wrong. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Being a juvenile is a sour, poor excuse for under 18 children getting away with wrong behavior, repeatedly. That lady has a right to her privacy. I did not see any comments that she was an incapable educator. Further, I have not seen any comments from their parents. I pray she gets justice.

  15. ericaf

    Strange, in this day and age everyone has a cell phone, so I see no reason for her to give anybody her password to use her cell. Almost every child over 10 has a phone, it’s more of a theft and invasion of privacy to me. Maybe they wanted to fire her for the fraudulent loan. And if she’s from such a prominent family, ask for a loan. Prominence is usually associated with wealth to me. Maybe I’m wrong.

  16. MALIKI

    The problem with so many of these young teachers is that they are trying to be hip and stoop down to a child’s level and end up getting burned.

    When you are in a position of authority you are held to a higher standard. That means no fraternization and keeping your distance.

    Kids look up to adults that act responsible. Children laugh at those teachers who try to fit into their world. That is just the way it is.

  17. Rick

    An unfortunate situation for all parties. I think I would’ve sent the students to the main office to call their parents or call the parents myself. Keep it professional, our kids can be very vindictive toward leadership of any kind. If you slip up its over for you…accountability rest with the adult in most situations.

  18. steven palmore

    As a former school teacher ,I know for fact that the right-wing conservatives are on a hell bent spree to denegrade the entire teaching profession because they are making a lot of money behind the scene in the process of doing so. This type of story causes a lot of controversy .The details of the story from what I can gather are somewhat in conflict. If I where to pass judgment , I would say that she was irresponsible for letting students use her phone if she knew that she had nude pictures on her phone, and the students were wrong for hacking or posting the pictures. .I would fine her big time and let her keep the job (after an experience like that and having to face her students, I bet no teacher would ever do something that stupid again). I would also suspend the students for violating the teachers privacy rights .Fair is fair all the way around!

    • YoCo

      I think that a fine and or suspension would be appropriate. I also think she may be fighting a lost cause, since they are accusing her of falsifying a contract in an effort to secure a loan. These stories seem to vary a bit. Another article mentioned that she failed to report to work for three weeks after the incident and said that she was on medical leave when she returned. These days we all need our jobs. I hope she learns from this and that it doesn’t follow her.

  19. Richard Pollard

    Why all the blame on the teacher alone, what about those unruly disrespectful students who have no respect for their own parents.
    If they had respect for their own parents they would known to have respect for their teacher who is like a parent to them.
    They had an evil intent to cause trouble, a decent student would have made the teacher aware of her phone and that would have been the end of it, but they were up to no good, they need some kind of discipline indeed, they had no right to go through her phone and do all that rude stuff.

  20. Ronnie

    First off all that was stupid giving someone access to your private device, especially since they have school phones around in the office, and you know you had nude pics of yourself, second Lekeshia, your family is no more prominant than my family, I live in New Orleans and you were a Mardi Grass Queen in Mississippi? As notorious as Mississippi for killing and lynching Black Americans in the past and still has a certian amount of hatred for Black Americans, I would not put that on my resume. So right then and there you gave me a little hind sight into your character. NOT A GOOD LOOK AT ALL.

  21. Jah Larry Dread

    “Jones says that she comes from a prominent family” “Back home [Natchez, Miss.] my family is prominent,” she said. “I’m the Natchez Indians [Mardis Gras Ball] Queen. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.” What the hell does this have to do with anything?

    “The school also says that Jones forged a contract offer in order to get a loan, which is illegal’…Oh maybe this is how the family became prominent?

    She sounds really stupid! If I was from a prominent family and this were to happen to me I would not state that I was and where my family is from!

  22. Brandice

    Sounds to me like the teacher did nothing wrong. Those kids should have been expelled but since most kids nowadays don’t know personal responsibility, the teacher was the scapegoat. If I were her, I’d sue the school, the district and the kids who did this to her.


    The teacher’s claim to a honorable character is irrelevant. You should never give students access to your password and personal phone. She knew the pictures were there. I would never let a student use my personal phone. I may call the number and give the parent the message, then relay the response. Students can go to the office to call parents. Yes, she should be fired. Besides, why do you need nude selfies. I’m sure the person who has seen or will see you can remember you just fine. She assumed the risk, now she must accept the consequences.

  24. Jsaund28352

    Lesson Number 1: Do not trust the students. According to her testimony she gave the pass words to the students to call home after school.
    Lesson Number 2: Do not let students use your cell phone to call home. If you are having an after school activity, let the students use the school telephone to call home. This will let the parents know where their children are and what they are doing.
    Lesson Number 3: Almost all middle school child do carry a cell phone of some kind for communication and Facebook.
    Lesson Number 4: Keep personal property locked in your vehicle such as a cell phone.
    Lesson Number 5. If you need a phone for the classroom, purchase yourself a cheap and inexpensive phone (Trac-phone,Go-phone, etc). The kids might call you out on this one, at least the only information in that phone is the recent calls and no messages attached.
    Remember the teaching profession is a career that is held in high esteem. Like a former principal once told me, “Children are like cattle moving along a fence line, just to find a break in the fence”.
    Some students just want to get their teachers in trouble.

  25. Wiliam Leonard

    First of all you don’t give kids or any one your password. The purpose of having a password is to keep someone from seeing what you have that are for your eyes only.

    • Derek L.

      William Leonard is right on the money! She should have never left her phone sitting around, and she sure as hell should have never given out the password for it. She basically told the kids it was okay to use her phone. If she wanted to have a phone available for the kids, she should have gotten a prepaid Boost mobile or Trac-Fone. Now, the kids were way out of line for what they did, and need to have their asses whopped for it. But she, as the adult, made the biggest mistakes.

  26. VNR

    Regardless of who you are, do not put your phone in the hands of anyone if you know there are things on their for your eyes only. The little saps would have never used my phone, she should had sent them to the office or wait until school closing and retrieve their phone from the school locker. Tell me, how many youths you know who do not have a cell phone, iphone, or whatever you wants to name it. Since the teacher was fired, there should have been consequences for the criminal minded students.

  27. SweetTweet

    All schools have a main office. The phones in the main office can be used by students with an office employee’s or administrator’s permission.


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