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Education Expert Says Black Kids Really Need To Be Home-schooled

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling can be beneficial to all children, but more so minority children than white children. Racism abounds at public schools and the students suffer because of it. Writer Antonio Buehler says that these are some standout reasons that black children should be home-schooled:

1. Black students are more segregated to lower performing schools than other races. There are 27,000 high schools in the country. 1,700 of those schools are deemed as the worst-performing schools in the country. One-third of the black high school student population attends these schools. These 1,700 schools produce 50% of the dropouts out of all 27,000 schools. The current dropout rate for black students in 51% and it is no wonder when taking into account the schools that so many of them attend.

2. Private schools are not often an option. There are programs where students from lower income families can get scholarships and vouchers for the tuition at a private school, but the second that they enter the school they are one of very few poor children in a sea of rich kids and that can also be damaging for that child.

3. Public schools do not hold black students to high standards. Many of them feel that they are going to do poorly anyway and so they do not expect much from the minority students. This is very damaging in several ways. The student will think that they are never going to be successful or even smart. They may think that they shouldn’t even bother trying since no one thinks that they can accomplish anything anyway. They may even carry that feeling on after school into the real world and underachieve. They are so often made to feel that they have no potential in the academic world that they don’t even want to try and don’t realize how successful they can be.

4. Home-schooling is just a better option and will drive more success than public schooling. When they learn about history they can learn Black history which is all too often left out in public schools. They don’t have to deal with racism. They do not have to be made out as the underachiever that will never do anything with their lives. They can realize their full potential and go on to do great things.

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20 thoughts on “Education Expert Says Black Kids Really Need To Be Home-schooled

    • J. D. Hill

      If we Black folk are not vested in the improvement and achievement of our own children, then why do we look to others to do what we cannot or will not do?

      Every large Black church in every metropolis in America has several retired as well as employed educators at all levels who can assist with home schooling or tutoring our Black youth.

      Educated pastors need to educate their membership.

      • NZinga Dee

        I so agree. There has to be hundreds, if not thousands of retired black school teachers who probably would love to spend a few hours a day or week or maybe even some of these unemployed men & women who have an interest or skill that could be utilized to teach kids. Maybe someone already has or would be willing to create a national database or directory for those seeking home school teachers & those seeking to teach? I’m also an artist and am willing to offer my talents to those who may be thinking of creating text books or other learning material geared towards school age children.

      • Renee

        Exactly!!! We need to educate OUR OWN CHILDREN or WE will continue to see a disaster waiting to happen. I went through HELL ON EARTH when my children were in school and for the most part they attended a racially mixed school with majority white teachers, who for the most part, did not CARE!! My children had a couple of good teachers and when I say a couple I mean 2 or 3 teachers in the 14 years they were in school.

  1. tammie mcgill

    Jennifer dear, you ask the question WHO is going to homeschool them?? Umm… the child’s mother of course!! What kind of Ignorant question is that?!! You obviously don’t realize that MANY Black mothers ALREADY homeschool their children. SMH!!!


      Tammie, dear. you need to come out of your fantasy and get in the REAL WORLD!!
      How many “child’s mother of course” are actually equipped to home school–even IF they could when working 1 or 2 jobs to support them.

      Your comment shows how ignorant YOU are. BTW, when quoting someone, quotation marks are necessary. You just proved my point!!! 🙂

  2. Alfreda

    I really think school is intended for all students. If there are low expectations set for a certain group of students, there needs to be a discussion between the parent/guardian or the school. Why should a child of any race have to miss out on school because of someone’s perception. We must teach our youth that they have to give there best in the face of opposition. What will our youth do when they become an adult and the boss feels they are not performing well enough. Well, will the now adult work from home or fix the problem. I think fixing the problem is the answer. We cannot dodge these systems in place, we must conquer challenges through the word of God, support and having confidence in ourselves. I believe that sometimes you have to encourage yourself. RADIO HOST

  3. Vernon

    The problem isn’t with the students it’s the schools. Invest money in schools and better teachers. In the cases of single parent home (another problem) who’s going to home school the child(ren) if the mother is at work or didn’t finish school?

    • tony

      We do invest in schools. Look at Wash D.C., a schools system that spends the most on education, but is one of the worst in the nation. Money is not the problem, not enough good parents are. And I am so sick of hearing how hard single-black mothers have it. How about not becoming a single parent in the first place. Are these women stupid or what?

  4. J. D. Hill

    If Black kids really need to be homeschooled, then our HBCU should be flooded with Black students. Our HBCU provide our youth with an unparalleled and emotionally supportive experience as well as a quality college education.

  5. james

    The point number 3 is the exact reason a problem exist in our schools. The principal of most inner city schools look just like you and I,along with a great number of the teachers! We don’t hold them accountable.

    In my opinion the problem is the parents, uneducated, under educated, uninformed teens and twenty something having children perpetuate the problem and are very poor candidates for home schooling.

  6. Martius King

    I do like the idea of home-schooling. I was home-schooled and went to public school. Some children need the structure and discipline a parent can provide, I know I would have done even better in home-schooling had I stayed in it. The private school thing is very accurate too. I felt that way when I went to a catholic elementary school in Chicago, teased and ridiculed. I do have a new idea for school, stay tuned for the new type of school (geared towards black people) that will help our children strive for excellence.

  7. Sara

    As someone stated before, I think the main hindrance with home schooling is having a parent home to do it. Like with single parent families that are struggling – so the parent may have one or two jobs. And if a neighbor or person from the church is an option, figuring out who you can entrust your child to. I just want to say that I can relate to #2. Growing up my family was pretty poor, but we went to a parochial school for a few years. Not all the kids were rich, but most seemed to be doing a lot better than us and it sometimes made me feel like an outsider.

  8. Dr Hakim

    ” Power concedes nothing without a demand” Fredrick Douglass. The proff is in the pudding.We have been. Educated for 400 years by European culture society. And behavior and have yet to master the situation as a group
    Education serves the interest of the educator.

  9. Monte Moire

    I agree that home schooling our black youth is an option that parents should consider. However, that is not an easy option for many of those youth listed in this so-called study. For one thing, many parents are working 2,3, and sometimes a 4th job just to make ends meet or to barely get ahead of the next bill. Who will have time to sit down with a child to complete daily assignments? The next thing is monitoring. Will the parent hold their child to the highest degree when it comes to testing? Many states require test to be submitted for proper evaluation. What happens if the test results show an increase or decrease in learning? Who can the parent blame then? Naturally if there is improvement of the child in his/her studies, by all means pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But what happens when that child fails college admission standards or fails the SAT/ACT tests?

    Also as a teacher, one thing that I really hate to read or hear, is somebody saying “Public Schools don’t have High Standards for Black Children” That is some serious BS right there. Like we just let little Ray-Ray get away with doing anything in the classroom. Look. Our jobs depend on these young minds doing well in the classroom! Of course we have high standards for black children. Heck we have high standards for all children. We want kids to do well. It looks good for the community when those kids shine. It looks good for the parents when their child does well in school. It looks good for the school and the school board when those kids do well in school. And lastly, it looks good for the teacher when they see those young minds doing well. So please stop posting that nonsense that public schools don’t have high standards for black youth.

    The thing is, folks don’t value education anymore. There is no pride in doing well in school. Parents do not hold their kids accountable anymore like the old days. Sure you have pockets of parents who are doing everything possible to value education. But there are pockets of parents who are just glad that their child is at school for 8 hours a day, just to get them out of the house. Teachers are basically baby-sitting for 8 hours a day.

    I mean we have kids who can not add 2+2 but they can drop it like it is hot and bust a dope rhyme! We have kids who can not read at grade level but they can tell you to blank off! or suck their you know what! We have kids who can not write or spell but they can and know that their mother has three boyfriends who are lazy or that their father has three girlfriends who are pieces of trash.

    As a community, we have to get back to basics with our black youth. If those hundreds, if not thousands, of former teachers who are in these black churches want to help, we would love to have them helping out. Heck some do and we appreciate those teachers getting back into the teaching trenches and rolling up their sleeves to help monitor a hallway while a kid who can’t spell, writes on the walls. We love it when former teachers come into the building to help with reading, picture day, talk to kids about proper behavior in the classroom.

    Home schooling is a great option, if you have the time and resources.

  10. Dot Jackson

    This article is kind of hypocritical. You’re basically asking the same people to educate the kids that they’re responsible for watching fail. As a single father raising an elementary aged kid, involved in his schooling as much as time will allow, I can tell you that most kids who aren’t succeeding are the ones who have parents that strictly depend on the school to educate their kids because they either can’t due to being un-/under educated themselves or just don’t have the time or desire to check up on their kids. It starts early. Studies show that by the time they complete the 3rd grade, those failing will more likely drop out in high school. A kid needs to learn how to deal with racism. It’ll be an issue his/her entire life. Too many of us have succeeded without letting that be a reason for our failure. They must learn how to stand up and prevail in the face of oppression. Its not the school’s job to hold our kids to a higher standard, its our job as parents. If your child needs to be better educated about their history, teach them. Every other culture in America does. Do you make your kids brush half their teeth or wash the dishes without soap? The keys to our success or failure are found in the homes in which we live.

  11. Miracle Sumpter

    This is a brunch of B.S. they just mad because black people are becoming more successful each and every day. My daughter’s are straight A ‘ students please I keep them in the library. No my children and anybody else child have the right to go to school and have a better education. This is racist. I seen plenty of other race going though the same thing. I have white friends. And out of all of them I’ll the one that graduated and w we not to a business school. They don’t want to even do that. I don’t approve of this. And neither should any of you.


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